Georgia Shipping Container Modifications

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Looking to grow your Georgia business or invest in a custom project?


Custom shipping containers are a great alternative for your modular building needs. At BMarko Structures, we convert recycled shipping containers into functional and attractive commercial and industrial buildings. We believe in quality and being on time. Your modular buildings can be as exciting or standard as you’d like. We offer completely custom builds with full turnkey solutions. Better yet? We are headquartered right down the road in Atlanta, GA. Feel free to swing by and get a hands-on look at our facilities and processes.

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Benefits of Custom Shipping Containers in Georgia

Shipping containers can be modified to be adaptable, sustainable, and resilient. We manufacture with one-trip containers. With regular maintenance this allows our custom shipping containers to last up to 60 years. Whether you’re looking for a custom commercial or industrial solution for your business, shipping container conversions can prove to be an affordable option with tons of flexibility.

Custom Solutions

Shipping containers can be adapted to many different uses. We can work with your design to ensure all your needs and requirements are fulfilled. 

Secure Your Business

Containers can naturally create great security for your container concept. Options can include but are not limited to anti-theft glass, lockable barn doors, and electronically controlled hydraulic devices. 

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Easy Transportation

It’s in the name! Shipping containers were quite literally made for intermodal transportation. This makes for great flexibility and mobility of your finished custom container. 


The nature of shipping containers’ strong build and shape can be used for various different types of applications. 

Adaptable To Locations

With shipping containers being designed to optimize logistics, they can be adapted to any location or setting.

Power Options

A container can be plugged into a main power source or run off a generator.


Shipping containers can serve as a great canvas to brand for your business. They can be painted in our in-factory paint booth, vinyl logos, vinyl wrap, or even have a facade of your choice.

Custom Commercial Shipping Containers in Georgia

Compared to traditional construction, shipping container modifications take significantly less time to build. With a modified shipping container, businesses can get started sooner, reducing the time it takes to see a return on their investment.

The possibilities are endless, but we will cover a few major trends below to help you brainstorm. 

  • Shipping Container Office Buildings: Modular construction is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to build an office. You’ll also have many door, window and flooring options, and you can even install an HVAC unit for year-round comfort.
  • Shipping Container Press Boxes: We can build high-quality press boxes for athletic fields, arenas and stadiums that are surprisingly comfortable and modern. They’re also easy to integrate into the layout of a new or existing facility.
  • Shipping Container Restaurants: Modified shipping containers are an excellent option for creating a trendy restaurant, diner, bar or coffee shop that will be the talk of the town. The flexibility to place your establishment in the ideal spot can help you overcome the biggest obstacle that causes so many of these businesses to fail — poor location
  • Shipping Container Stores: A custom shipping container is a great option for creating a pop-up shop for your business or event. They’re easily brandable to draw your customers’ eyes. Similar to restaurants, the flexibility to place your establishment in the ideal spot can help you place yourself directly by your target audience. 
  • Modular Classrooms: Using a modified container as a portable classroom can help school districts operating on tight budgets provide additional classroom space for their students. It offers a more cost-effective alternative to constructing new brick-and-mortar buildings or renovating existing structures.
  • Portable Concession Stands: Shipping container modifications offer a quick, easy way to build concession stands and snack bars at sports facilities or arenas or to transport them from one event to another.
  • Many, many more: Tell BMarko Structures about your unique commercial entity concept, and we’ll find a way to help you use shipping container conversions to make it happen!

industrial shipping container customizations
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Custom Industrial Shipping Containers In Georgia 

Because of their convenient portability, fast build-times, and superior durability, custom shipping containers are great fit for industrial uses. With a quick, easy way to manufacture buildings, industrial companies can reach their goals and raise their bottom line. Ask about delivery, we’ll schedule a pick up and drop of your container whenever you need it.

They can be modified into…

industrial shipping container customizations

We’re a Top Georgia Modular Construction Company

BMarko Structures isn’t your typical modular construction company. Located in the heart of Georgia, we have some of the most innovative and experienced modular construction experts in the world, and our results span a number of different industries.

Here are a few ways we’re different:

on time

Our Team Is 100% On-Time

We know time is money and the faster your business is up and running, the faster you can start profiting off your investment. That is why we are driven by always being on time. SInce our inauguration in 2014, we have never missed a project deadline. 

We stay on time so you stay ahead of the curve.


Our Team Is About Quality

We prioritize quality custom shipping containers at BMarko Structures. We understand that we will not always be the cheapest option. We are not in the industry to win any bidding wars, we are in the industry of guaranteeing customer satisfaction with a long-lasting and durable final product. 


Our Team Has Years of Experience

At BMarko Structures, our experienced team of modular construction experts are dedicated to your project’s success. When you choose to work with BMarko Structures, you will get a dedicated project manager and engineer. 

No matter what you need, we have the experience and dedication to build you the quality container that you can be proud of.

We stay on time so you stay ahead of the curve.

Ready To Get Started?

No matter your industry, BMarko Structures can help your business complete your custom shipping container project. 

Find out more about our processes or take advantage of modular construction experts by requesting a free quote, today!


  • Projects Delivered On-Time 100% 100%

Client Testimonials

Google Reviews

“When we needed a design and build team BMarko was the group that fit perfect for what we needed. BMarko made this happen. Throughout the project we found BMarko’s design and build team to be responsive on quality, design and able to deliver the finished product on time. BMarko was great to work with from start to finish.”
Kesler Contracting

“Antony’s knowledge and design helped immensely in our initial structure. We have ordered 6 units, each is exactly to spec and is impeccably made. Of others we have looked at Bmarko is the best quality and the fastest delivery.”
Steve Rogers

Thanks for another successful project. Once again, great quality and on time delivery.
Keith Reiser

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