Modular Construction Offices

Modular, Portable & Mobile Construction Offices

From cost-savings to convenience, BMarko Structures’ construction office trailer rentals offer the best solutions available in Georgia and beyond. Not only do we move swiftly to meet your demands, but we’re also one of the only companies capable of offering you top-of-the-line flooring, lighting, office furniture and even full-scale bathroom facilities. Our portable construction offices provide you with a sturdy and secure location while providing you with all the comforts you need to conduct business.

Construction Offices: Typical Uses

Job site construction trailer rentals have become increasingly popular. With portable construction trailers, you can avoid wasting time driving long distances and splitting your work between your office and your latest building project. You’ll be able to stay on-site and be available to handle any hiccups quickly, and more importantly, keep your workforce productive.

Because of the durable, compact nature of our construction offices, we can post a unit anywhere your company is building. From a busy Atlanta street corner to a remote location without public power, our mobile construction offices give you a temporary place to meet with clients, employees and key business partners from the beginning to the end of your project.

Shipping Container Construction Offices

Our units are created from industrial shipping containers and painted using complementary colors. We’re capable of building the interiors to your exact specifications. The industrial shells are sturdy and easy to secure. Due to their convenient designs, they’re also easy to combine for business owners who need larger portable offices.

Based on your needs, we can outfit your temporary office rental unit with:

  • Desks, filing cabinets and other office furniture
  • Adequate lighting and access to power, Internet, phone and water services
  • Double-entrances, separate meeting rooms and storage areas
  • Full or limited bathroom and kitchen facilities

The Benefits of Choosing BMarko Structures

We have worked hard to raise the bar when it comes to the quality of portable construction office rentals.

In addition to our customized layouts and extensive features, BMarko offers:

  • Improved insulation – Closed-cell spray foam and fiberglass R13
  • Stronger seals – Continuous welding on all openings for complete water-tightness
  • Superior HVAC services – Ducted and through the wall units
  • Top-quality frames and flooring – Wooden and metal studs, plywood, VCT/LVT and hardwood
  • Professional-grade interior finishing – FRP and wood paneling, pre-finished drywall

If you work in construction, you already know the difference upgraded materials make. Your construction office rental from BMarko Structures will help you achieve a true office environment regardless of where you’re located. The sturdy framing and flooring, high-grade insulation and pro-quality interiors block exterior noise, keep out the elements, and provide you and your business partners with everything you need for a day’s work.

We make it possible for you to maximize every minute you spend on the job. By incorporating fully-functioning restrooms and HVAC systems, BMarko is revolutionizing traditional construction processes. These units go up faster as well, with time savings estimated at 25-50 percent or greater!

Take Advantage of Even More Savings

Along with keeping production costs low, your ongoing expenses will be lower, too. Because of our improved building methods, your HVAC system runs more efficiently. You lose less of your heated or chilled air to the outdoors — we can also install other innovative equipment, such as utilizing heat pumps instead of central air or furnaces. The result is an incredibly comfortable office environment that enjoys up to 60 percent savings in utility costs each month!

Get Started With BMarko Structures Today

Are you ready to invest in a temporary rental office space that’s fast to build and affordable to maintain? Before you buy or rent a unit, learn more about our affordable, innovative solutions. Call BMarko Structures today at (678)-666-3688 or contact our team to speak with our engineering or design staff.


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