Modular Hotels

BMarko Structures ™ offers you a better way to build your next hotel. Traditional hotel construction schedules are shortened significantly because the modules for your project are constructed in our plant while the on-site foundation construction is being completed. Saving you money and considerably shortening your time to market.

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If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know how essential quality construction is. You want to offer the best hotel or motel rooms for your guests, but you do have a budget and time constraints to consider. When you need a high-quality hotel built on time for the right price, go modular.


Modular construction hotels are rising in popularity in the U.S., and it’s no wonder why. Learn the modular hotel construction process and benefits to their design to see why they may be the best choice for you and your guests.

Modular Hotel Construction

Before you begin the construction process, you must get the proper permits for your modular construction hotel. You’ll need local and state permits to ensure your building is up to code once it arrives.

Inspectors who specialize in prefabricated buildings will typically look at modular construction hotels. Because everything is walled up once the modules arrive, inspectors primarily take a look at the modules throughout the building process off-site. Their inspection ensures the safety of your building components so when everything comes together, it is secure and up to code.

Having inspectors examine the building in the factory also makes the construction process easier. Manufacturers won’t ship a building to you only to have it sent back because it doesn’t meet the right standards. Instead, they can simply fix any issues in the factory before sending your modules.

While the build process is simple, you complete similar steps as you would with traditional construction:

  • Obtaining permits
  • Finding a modular hotel builder
  • Finding a general contractor experienced with modular builds
  • Going over design plans
  • Building a foundation and amenities with traditional construction
  • Assembling the modules
  • Installing utilities and finishing touches

Due to size constraints, modular hotel construction companies don’t often make lobbies and other amenity rooms. It’s best to choose traditional construction for the foundation and first floor of your hotel. From there, modular hotel construction companies assemble the modules on top of your foundation and first floor, if you have one. For single-story modular motels, you can opt for a foundation with modules on top if you don’t need amenity rooms.

Why Go With Prefab Hotels?

Some misconceptions about modular buildings could lead you to believe that they’re boxy and boring. With the right modular hotel builders, you will challenge those misconceptions. Modular hotel construction companies can build eye-catching hotels. Invite guests in with stunning designs that feature shapes and effects you’d expect to see in traditional constructions.

Prefabricated hotels are a great alternative to traditional construction. Before you select this method, you should make sure that modular motels or hotels would suit your needs. Choose this construction if:

You're In An Urban Area

Urban areas or locations near other residences aren’t great for construction sites. When the project is a significant undertaking like a hotel, the construction lasts longer. Prefab hotels take most of the construction away from the site. There’s less mess, noise, waste and construction traffic.

Your Room Size Works With Modular Builds

Modular hotel room design is best for rooms on the modest side. While manufacturers can combine modules on-site for larger rooms, the assembly process is easier with room modules.

Saving Money And Stress

Onsite traditional bathroom construction requires the general contractor to coordinate up to 5 specialty trades. The worst part is that each trade is dependent upon the other to do their jobs. While eliminating the stress of job coordination, prefab bathroom pods also help reduce the amount of site waste and electricity. One other often overlooked element are the pods cutting down on pre-opening room cleaning.

Shortened Completion Time

A bathroom pod manufacturer can be pre-fabricating and putting the finishing touches on a bathroom while the foundation is still being laid at the construction site. Once shipped, the units can be quickly and easily connected into the main lines of the building infrastructure with a lower level of skill required thanks to properly routed and bundled utilities.

You Need A Quick Turnover Time

If you want quick construction, modular is the way to go. Once you’ve sorted out permits and selected a modular hotel builder, the creation and assembly processes are fast.

You're Prepared To Complete Utilities On-Site

One of your only tasks after a modular hotel company assembles your building is utilities. Have professionals in mind who can install electrical, plumbing and other needs.

You Want The Look Of Traditional Construction

Get the same appearance without the hassle. High-quality modular hotels look identical to traditional constructions. You may have seen modular hotels and didn’t even know it.

You Want In On The Latest Trend

The hospitality industry is seeing more modular motels and hotels. From their convenience to the stylish appearance, companies have found reasons to love modular hotel construction.

Prefab hotel construction will make your build simple. The way modular hotel construction companies bring your design to life is what makes the simplicity possible.

Modular Hotel Room Design

The style of your modular hotel rooms is almost limitless. With traditional construction, you can create almost any room design and layout you’d like. You get about the same flexibility with modular hotels. With the right builder, your modular hotel room design will suit your needs.

While the room design for your modular hotel is up to you, the layout of the module is standard. One module typically contains:

  • Two rooms
  • A bathroom in each room
  • Furnishings
  • A corridor between the rooms

Shipping restrictions do limit how big your modules can be, but for modest-sized hotel rooms, this is not an issue. The hallway or corridor between the two rooms is typically left unfinished, so that and utilities will be your only concern when it comes to modular hotel design.

If you would like more substantial rooms, some modular hotel construction companies offer single-room modules. You can take advantage of the additional space to have larger rooms for your guests. You could even order a combination of these rooms to offer different accommodations for future guests.

The rooms themselves may even arrive fully-furnished, which gives you control over the room design of your modular hotel. It also saves you time and helps avoid any difficult move-ins with high-rise hotels. All your bulky furniture will already be inside, waiting to accommodate guests. The material you choose for your modules makes it possible for modular hotel builders to add your furniture before delivery and assembly.

Steel Modular Construction Hotels

For high-rises, steel modular hotels are the way to go. Steel modular hotels create and feature:

  • Up to 20-story buildings
  • Double- or single-room modules
  • Pre-installed furnishings and appliances
  • The strongest building material
  • Fire-rated buildings
  • Recycled materials
  • Precise builds

Steel modular is a great option for hotels. It allows for impressive height, customization, and durability. Your steel modular hotel will last far into the future because of the material’s strength. When modular hotel manufacturers use recycled steel, they add another benefit of an eco-friendly building.

You don’t need a taller construction to go with steel modular hotels. Fewer-story buildings can also benefit from the impressive material, but if you do want a low-rise building, you have other options.

Steel modular hotels also encompass the new trend of shipping container hotels that are strongly modified shipping containers stacked on top of each other to make a hotel. 

Wood Modular Construction Hotels

If your needs aren’t as tall as a high rise, you may be able to order wood modular hotels. A wood modular hotel offers you:

  • Durable construction
  • Up to five-story builds
  • Flexible design
  • Sustainable materials
  • Better air quality for occupants

Wood is a common construction material because of its durability and flexibility. Wood frames create strong canvases on which builders create the rest of a building. Builders can easily cut wood into custom designs, giving them flexibility with the appearance of a building. When manufacturers use wood in modular builds, the material’s flexibility and durability combine with that of modular construction. You’re left with a sturdy and customizable modular motel or hotel.

Responsible modular hotel builders make an effort to have sustainable construction. They work with wood suppliers who practice sustainability and replant after harvesting trees. Builders may also use sustainable materials in the projects themselves, adding to the benefits of modular motels and hotels.

Benefits of Modular Construction Hotels

If a modular hotel is right for you, you’ll see many advantages with the construction process. Modular hotel room construction will help you:

Save Time

Multitask with a modular project and building your foundation. Traditional construction completes the hotel’s foundation and other larger rooms while manufacturers make the modules. You won’t have to wait for construction to complete each level when they are all prefabricated.

Give You An Environmental Advantage

Modular construction produces less waste than a traditional construction site. The resulting product can also have green features from solar energy to sustainable materials. Guests will appreciate your environmental efforts, and you can use it as a selling point.

Save Money

The decreased time-on-site means you won’t need as many workers to complete construction. You also won’t have to deal with replacing materials damaged on-site by bad weather. Factory construction is predictable and helps manage the costs of a modular hotel. While your location, size of your project, and other factors affect price, you’ll save more with modular.

Get Versatile Designs

With modular motels and hotels, you get design flexibility you can’t get with traditional construction. Modular hotel builders can create and place almost any arrangement of modules.

Reduce Time To Market

Speedy construction means your hotel will be up and running sooner. You’ll get guests in and move onto other projects with the time you’ve saved. With that, you’ll save even more money.

Have Consistent Layouts

Modular builders create projects on an assembly line. The process allows companies to create consistent layouts. Consistency may be especially vital for the hospitality industry because you don’t want too much variety with your rooms. Guests will come to love your stylish rooms and expect similar setups when they return. Meet their expectations with consistent modular layouts.

Get High-Quality Results

Factory construction gives manufacturers control over quality. They’re free from the impacts of weather as they build in a controlled environment. Factories protect materials from weather, which also means you won’t have to pay more to replace damaged materials.

Have Opportunity To Expand

Expansions are easier with modular builds. If you find you need more space for your hotel, work with the same manufacturer for consistent additions.

Have Increased Durability

Because of their higher quality, modular hotels can last longer than traditional construction. Better durability means fewer repairs and replacements in the future. Your rooms will be guest-ready for years to come, and you won’t see extra costs from unpredictable repairs.

Give Guests Quality Sound-Proofing

Modules must be contained for shipping, meaning they have walls on all sides and a ceiling. When builders connect two modules, they create a room with walls, floors and ceilings that are twice as thick as traditional construction. The extra materials between each room provide better sound-proofing for your guests.

Make Design Easier With Furnished Modules

Moving furniture into a completed hotel used to be complicated. With large pieces and several stories to navigate, it was no easy task. Modular hotel room designs eliminate this problem. Builders install large furnishings so you don’t have to get a moving crew to deal with the hassle.

Use A Method Trusted By Name Brands

Modular hotel construction methods have caught the eyes of name brands like Hilton, Marriot, Studio 6, and Holiday Inn. The benefits are a no brainer for these brands as they can be put up faster with the same level of quality as the traditional. Not only that, but their buildings can also now be more uniform from across all markets increasing brand awareness in their customers.

Many of the benefits above come with the bonus of reduced risk. When you begin a build that’s entirely traditional construction, you take on risks of bad weather and injury to workers. Any of those risks slow down construction. Those delays then become costly for the finished product, especially if you had a deadline to meet. Avoid pushing back your grand opening by working with a modular hotel construction company.

Choosing a Modular Hotel Construction Company

One of the most critical choices in ordering modular hotel rooms is the company you choose. You’ll be working with them closely to bring your dream design to life. You want to select a reliable and trustworthy company that gets the job done right and on time. Some considerations will help you make the right choice of a modular hotel construction company:

1. If they are a domestic company: Working with an international company can lead to some issues. Building codes in the U.S. are different than in other countries. You would have to ship electrical components and others to the manufacturer overseas. You’ll then have to wait for shipping, which takes longer on international orders. A domestic modular hotel construction company may be the better choice. They know about building codes in the country and have access to the right supplies.

2. If they deliver to you: Once you’ve narrowed down your search to stateside companies, be sure they deliver to you. Find a builder in your state or one willing to deliver your project to you. Tell them the scope of your project as that may affect their shipping areas.

3. If they can suit your brand: Some companies may have a signature design. Others may be more flexible. Check out galleries of their past work and discuss your style with builders. Odds are, they’ll be able to make your vision come to life. You’ll get a result that’s consistent with your brand if you’re an established hotel or motel.

4. If they offer steel for high-rise hotels: See what the modular construction company offers. If you need between five and 20 floors, opt for steel. Builds of five-stories or shorter work best with wood modular hotels. The builder should advise you on the right type of material to use based on the height you’d like.

5. If other hotels have worked with them: While this isn’t a requirement, it’s reassuring to know a company has experience with other hotels. If they’re trusted in the industry, that’s even better.

When finding a company to build your modular hotel, you want one that is reliable and trustworthy. From experience in the hospitality industry to consistently on-time deliveries, the right builders will make your project go more smoothly. BMarko Structures would be happy to work with you on your next modular motel or hotel project.

Turn Your Existing Design Modular

BMarko Structures in-house design team may be able to take your existing multi-family or apartment design and translate it into a modular solution. Once we provide you with a modular construction budget you can add the modular cost to the other site related expenses. Then you can calculate how BMarko Structures’ modular process could impact your bottom line.

Modular apartments and multi-family homes are completely custom-built, and nearly all of the design features are up to you. If you’d like to add or modify something that you don’t see here, chances are, we can probably do it. Give us a call at (678) 666-3688 to learn more.

Go Modular on Your Next Hotel with BMarko Structures

Ready to experience the difference a switch to modular makes? Plan your next construction project with BMarko Structures. We’re happy to serve the hospitality industry with wood modular and steel modular hotels. Trusted by Marriott and the Venetian, we work to deliver high-quality modular hotels or motels for your hospitality business.

Contact us today at (678) 666-3688 for a free quote. See what modular hotel room design can do for your brand and business.

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