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Custom Shipping Container Homes

Invest in a Shipping Container Home Today

If you are exploring alternative options to a traditional residential structure, consider investing in a custom shipping container home. Custom container homes are innovative products that offer a wide range of benefits compared to their traditional counterparts. They’re gaining popularity due to their unique designs, eco-friendly construction and efficient sizing.

At BMarko Structures, we can customize homes to meet your exact specifications.

Maximizing Available Space

More people than ever before are fulfilling their living needs using smaller spaces – the change from larger to much smaller living areas is called the “Tiny House Movement”. If you’re interested in reducing your environmental footprint and learning how to make optimal use of minimal floor space, choose a custom container home.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in making the transition from an apartment rental to a real estate investment, a custom shipping container home can be the perfect happy medium. You’ll have the freedom to live in an independent structure without the constraints of a condominium complex.


A home is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. Reduce the cost of your investment by selecting a shipping container home. You’ll save a significant amount on labor costs by purchasing a structure that has already been built, and you’ll also reduce your material costs by not having to purchase extraneous parts.

In addition, a custom shipping container home will help contribute to a more eco-friendly planet. By re-purposing a unit that would otherwise risk being destroyed and disposed, you’ll keep perfectly usable steel out of landfills. You’ll also help discourage the manufacture of materials that pollute the environment.

Design Flexibility

Shipping containers also provide a wide range of options for homeowners looking to build the house of their dreams. Containers are stackable, so they give you the option of a multi-level home. Alternatively, they can be placed side-by-side if you have difficulty climbing stairs.

Choose from multiple size options and dimensions, and decide whether to build out or up. Our shipping containers also offer a wide range of options for exterior designs. You can choose to paint them or leave them as they are for a distinct look. Interiors can even be designed in the same fashion as their traditional counterparts. For example, you can frame out interior walls with wood or steel studs, insulate and cover them with drywall, and install the flooring type of your choice.


Shipping containers are known for their ability to endure all kinds of weather to protect their cargo as they travel around the world. Our container homes are constructed from steel that can bear a load of over 200,000 pounds. When you choose a BMarko shipping container home, you’ll shield your family from strong wind and rain storms that can otherwise cause thousands of dollars in damage to traditional wood-framed structures. This is because shipping containers, on average, resist winds of 100-175 miles per hour depending on how they are fastened to the ground.

This type of strength also benefits home design. Shipping containers are engineered to be stacked on top of one another to maximize space in cargo transport — which gives homeowners the opportunity to design a structure that fits their space needs and aesthetic preferences. At BMarko Structures, our engineers are happy to work with you to assemble a layout that’s both rock-solid and visually distinctive.

Customize Your Shipping Container Home With BMarko Structures

At BMarko Structures, we want to keep things simple, flexible and convenient — that’s why we custom-design each shipping container home. Unlike other companies that limit your choice to a few pre-fabricated options, we work with you to assemble a home that’s stunningly beautiful, energy-efficient and highly portable.

We’re excited to help you awaken your inner architect and design a home that fits your aesthetic preferences and budget. To learn more about our services, download our whitepaper or contact us today!