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Shipping Container Modifications

shipping container modifications - custom diner

Converting a shipping container is not a financially prohibitive task — it’s a smart, cost-effective way to reduce building costs. With shipping container modifications, you can reallocate revenue for other purposes.

In fact, one of the main reasons why shipping containers make such an attractive base for modular buildings is precisely because they offer a durable shell which can be affordably modified to nearly any type of building; container office, classroom, restaurant, bar, even a yoga studio.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and serving customers throughout the country, BMarko Structures is a leading expert in modular architecture and shipping container modifications. Whether you’re building your first restaurant, a functional office for your business needs or even a custom shipping container home, we can help. We’re particularly excited to let you take the reins to design a building that will provide both exceptional usability and dazzling style.

Let’s examine the process of converting a shipping container and consider how choosing this innovative approach would benefit your business.

Sourcing a Shipping Container

The first step in converting a shipping container into an office is to find suitable units to work with. Almost any shipping container can be restored and turned into a usable structure. However, a newer unit will require less work (and less expense) to fix any imperfections on the container. Shipping containers are graded into three categories:

shipping container modifications - custom home

New Containers

New shipping containers have made only one overseas trip, often from China to the United States, where they are sold on the resale market. As a result, they’ll be in the most usable condition, often with little or no dents or other damage and a plywood floor in great shape.

Used Containers (good condition)

Used shipping containers in good condition are typically between three and seven years old. They are still considered cargo-worthy but are often sold for modular conversions upon arriving stateside.  While they will have incurred more wear than new units, they can still be refurbished leaving behind a few cosmetic imperfections. It is likely they do not have any welded patches. Price-wise, they trend closer to new containers, but this can vary depending on their condition and age.

Used Containers (retired)

Retired shipping containers are those which have been in use for 12+ years. They have reached the end of their operational life as cargo holders. They often show signs of wear and may have welded patches throughout their structure, though these patches are both deemed to be wind- and water-tight. Rust may be present, but we can remove it and repaint for a fresh appearance. With some work, they can still make a good base for shipping container modifications.

shipping container modifications sizing

Shipping Container Sizing

Shipping containers typically measure eight feet wide and either 8’6” or 9’6” high. A range of lengths are available, but the most common and best-suited for conversion are either 20 or 40 feet long. Within these parameters, the design possibilities of a shipping container conversion are almost limitless. Units can be placed side by side or, because they can withstand over 200,000 pounds of weight, stacked on top of one another to build a larger structure.

Shipping Container Modifications Options

Experienced shipping container modification companies such as BMarko Structures have the technical capacity to offer a wide range of custom shipping container design options. Shipping containers offer most, if not all, of the interior design flexibility of a conventionally assembled unit without the added cost of a structural build-out.

Customize your office or restaurant with wood or metal framing, a variety of wall coverings, energy-efficient double-pane windows, sliding glass doors, hardwood flooring and more. Shipping containers can also be insulated for comfort in all weather and equipped with high-efficiency heating, air conditioning and other appliances. With their flat roofs, shipping container buildings are ideal candidates for solar installations and other green technologies.

Did we mention that the choice to house your business in a shipping container is an eco-friendly selection? By choosing a pre-made structure, you’re keeping perfectly usable steel out of landfills. You’ll be contributing to a world that emphasizes the creative re-use and re-purposing of building materials.

In addition, shipping containers make an impressive, distinctive aesthetic statement. Choose from a wide range of paint colors that will highlight the bold design choice you’ve made when you elect to house your business in a modified shipping container.

One of the main benefits of choosing BMarko as your shipping container modification company is that we customize every project to meet your specific requirements. Choose a vinyl tile floor for protection against moisture if you’re buying a modified shipping container for use in a restaurant setting. For a unique rustic feel for your office, consider wood paneling. A set of glass doors can help distinguish your business and lend it a very modern, fashion-forward look. All our products are made to order based on original designs. As a result, customers have complete control over every aspect of their build.
shipping container office building

Start Your Shipping Container Conversion Today

There are a multitude benefits to choosing a custom modular container buildings for your home or business. To learn more about the conversion process, download our free white paper, which contains detailed information about each aspect of the modular construction process. You may also contact our office — which itself is built into a shipping container — to find out why we’re the leading provider of shipping container modifications!