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3D Steel Modular

Steel modular allows us to manufacture with extremely high tolerance (1/16″) and with a high level of factory completion. Manufacturing volumetric (3 dimensional) steel modules allows us to install furniture and complete the final touches, such as mounting the TV, inside our factory.

Multi-Family Industry

Anywhere from five levels and higher.

Industrial Sector

Mining sites, oil fields, and aggregates plants all benefit from the custom size of steel modular, as well as its security and relocatability.

High Precision All Around

Whether it’s the final dimensions of the module, or the way the facade integrates with the trim of the building, steel allows for high precision which is both a functional and aesthetic benefit.

Steel Volumetric Prefab

Designed for tall Multi-Family buildings and Relocatable Industrial buildings.

Multi-family apartments and hotels can go up to 20 stories high with steel modular. Our engineers design each building separately depending on the final location.

Custom sized industrial buildings can be shipped to any remote site in the United States and stand the test of time. Electrical houses and equipment control centers are among our most commonly built modules.

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