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BMarko Structures is a leading modular e-house manufacturer with vast experience in producing high-quality modular structures. We pride our brand on our ability to produce custom modules quickly and within set timelines while paying an incredible amount of attention to detail. Our main objective is to complete any construction project on time in a more efficient and cost-effective way for your agency.

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Benefits of Modular Switchgear Buildings

Reduced Lead Time

Modular electrical houses offer a ready-to-use, plug-and-play solution by lowering lead times by up to 50% compared to conventional stick-built construction. These buildings don’t require intricate civil engineering strategies. The fact that the manufacturing process takes place in a factory means reduced construction delays as the development of the building isn’t reliant on weather conditions this makes management of lead times much easier.

Turnkey Solutions

The fact that modular e-houses are customizable is another benefit. You can bring to life the type of design you need, the number of units required and the features that suit your preferences. The options are almost endless as far as customizing a modular electrical house is concerned.


One of the most important benefits of an e-house revolves around cost. Modular houses for e construction are undeniably cheaper when you take into consideration the time to construct, as well as the onsite electrician “man-hours” that you are saving. Building an “ehouse” tends to lower construction costs by up to 20%. This allows for more predictable costs and schedules when constructing the module.

Ship Ready-To-Use

Our modules come out of the factory plastic wrapped and ready for their jobs ahead. We can provide transportation and installation upon requests.

Optimal Use Of Space

Another interesting aspect of modular electric houses is that they don’t require much space. This makes them a smart idea for areas with difficult access. Moreover, you can install the building anywhere without interfering with other onsite activities thanks to its space-saving capabilities.

Benefits of Modular Switchgear Buildings

E-houses are primarily used as housing for power distribution centers, motor control centers, and rooms for housing electric equipment for industrial business. They’re also ideal for a large range of applications including data centers, oil, gas and mineral extraction facilities, electrical control centers, ballistic enclosure systems and processing plants. One of the newest trends are digital telecommunications containers. They come in handy in remote areas where qualified personnel may not be readily available. Just ask and we’ll make sure you can find what you’re searching to create.

Custom E-House Solutions

A modular “ehouse” is simply a pre-manufactured and pre-tested walk-in modular building that provides rapid and flexible power solutions. An electrical house consists of various high-quality components ranging from medium voltage (MV) to low voltage (LV) switchgear, marshaling panels, breaker controls, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other auxiliary equipment.

Electrical houses aren’t new technology. However, it’s only been recently in 2020 and 2021 that the popularity of these prefabricated electrical buildings increased. This is because they’re easy to set up, and they offer much faster lead times.

Over the years, modular e-houses have proven to be a viable alternative to traditional power distribution solutions, particularly in oil, gas and mineral extraction, power generation, construction and processing industries. They are set to become even more popular in the future. 

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Modular Electrical House Manufacturer

We deliver products that can withstand the elements and are also resistant to fire, explosion, ballistics and galvanic corrosion. We make our models out of wood, steel and shipping containers, giving our clients a wide range of options when it comes to constructing the ideal modular substation.

Each material used represents a different division within the company. And each division has highly trained professionals with vast experiences and resources in building different types of systems. The manufacturing process takes place indoors in our climate-controlled facilities in Atlanta, Georgia to ensure we deliver only top-quality prefab e-houses that fulfill safety standards and can stand the test of time.

Why BMarko Structures?

As an experienced Atlanta-based modular construction company, BMarko Structures is a manufacturer you can depend on. We can custom create and construct a mobile data center to meet your precise needs and specifications. Next, our professional team is ready to help you build a custom modular data center quickly, easily and at a lower cost than a traditional building. When you partner with us, you can expect exceptional attention to detail, design flexibility and on-time delivery. To learn more about how we can build the mobile data center your company needs, or to request a quote, contact BMarko Structures today.

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The modular “ehouse” manufacturing space is flooded with companies that offer various services. However, finding the ideal e-house manufacturer can sometimes turn out to be a huge challenge. The good news is that BMarko Structures makes everything easy for you by providing high quality, custom modular e-house construction services. Above all, we go out of our way to ensure your modular electric house is ready on time while providing top tier customer service. Our policy is if we don’t have the fastest lead times, tell us and we’ll make sure we are.

Call us today or fill out the contact form online below. We’ll be glad to give you a free quote as soon as possible or help you learn more about our processes.

Client Testimonials

Kesler Contracting
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“When we needed a design and build team BMarko was the group that fit perfect for what we needed. BMarko made this happen. Throughout the project we found BMarko’s design and build team to be responsive on quality, design and able to deliver the finished product on time. BMarko was great to work with from start to finish.”
Steve Rogers
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“Antony’s knowledge and design helped immensely in our initial structure. We have ordered 6 units, each is exactly to spec and is impeccably made. Of others we have looked at Bmarko is the best quality and the fastest delivery.”
Keith Reiser
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“Thanks for another successful project. Once again, great quality and on time delivery.”
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