Modular Skids

Modular Skids Fabrication

Process systems have gradually become more and more involved. The traditional method of construction involves shipping and installing individual parts of the process system in increments at the manufacturing site. As this step-by-step process becomes more complex, many businesses are looking for a more efficient solution.

Companies around the world are turning to modular skids as an alternative solution to traditional stick-built construction. By outsourcing the process of modular skid fabrication, your company can streamline the manufacturing process.

What Is A Modular Modular Skid?

In the simplest terms, a modular skid is a machine in a box. All of the skid piping, tanks and necessary modular process equipment is contained within a frame on a steel skid. The equipment skid arrives at your job site fully constructed, tested and ready to be used.

Because modular skids are portable, self-contained units, they can easily be moved from one job site to another if your company’s needs change. Modular process equipment skids have applications in a wide range of industries.

At BMarko Structures, we are happy to assist you in deciding whether our steel skids, pump skids and modular process skids can help your company grow.

What Is Modularization?

A process system involves two types of fabrication: building the process system and integrating the system at your facility. These two components make up the project as a whole.

When you partner with a modular process skid manufacturer, they can build the entire process system off site while regular operations continue at your facility. The manufacturer mounts the system in its entirety on a skid and delivers it to your job site. When the modular process skid reaches your facility, all you have to do is connect the piping and utilities.

This process has major benefits for your facility. Your plant’s construction takes place autonomously from the self-contained process system fabrication. In addition, the manufacturer ensures that the process system is built under optimal conditions in their plant. In this way, modularization represents the industry’s best practices for building a process system.

Modular Process Skid Packages

A modular process skid is a “system in a box.” Because the entire process system is built into a single frame and mounted onto a steel skid, the system itself is a piece of modular equipment. The modular process skid can be transported and stored safely and conveniently. Using a modular process skid package can significantly simplify the challenge of designing and building a process system for your facility.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Process Skid Packages?

What does your company stand to gain from using modular process skids? You could see faster turnaround times for your projects, reduced safety concerns, and quality assembly you can trust.

  • Faster Turnaround Time:

    The preparation and process system design takes place simultaneously, resulting in a faster turnaround time for your projects. The modular process skid reaches your facility fully assembled and tested, so you’ll see a faster time to market — and a faster return on investment.

  • Reduced Safety Concerns:

    Pre-assembled and tested systems result in reduced safety concerns on your job site. Since the equipment skid is manufactured offsite, your company will have fewer OSHA exposure hours. The modular process equipment is produced in a factory-like setting with little room for errors that could compromise the integrity of the equipment.

  • Quality Assembly:

    Modular skid fabrication takes place under ideal conditions, so the quality of the assembly is reliable. The pump skid manufacturer employs skilled technicians who specialize in the process of designing and constructing modular equipment skids. In addition, since the work is done indoors, the weather never affects project completion times or safety. The final product will comply with the same regulations and codes that apply to traditional stick-built structures for ultimate reliability.

When to Choose a Modular Skid

There are some circumstances in which modular skids may not be the most practical solution for your business. For example, if some of the individual process parts are too large to be reasonably contained within the frame of a modular process skid, traditional onsite methods of construction are preferred.

In many cases, modular process equipment can make a significant difference in your company’s growth. An experienced pump skid manufacturer can help you determine whether a modular skid is practical for your specific project.

Why Partner With BMarko Structures?

At BMarko Structures, we don’t see ourselves as a construction company. We’re a manufacturing company that’s redefining construction. We are based in Atlanta, GA and have installed completed projects in 20 different states as well as Puerto Rico. We have worked with trusted brands nationwide — including Google, Coca-Cola and more.

Unlike some other modular construction companies, we don’t sell a product — we sell a process. We will work with you to create a custom modular skid project for your unique specifications.

Since our inception, we have shipped 99% of our products on time. Modular construction allows for more predictable costs and building schedules — so we deliver when we say we will.

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