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Bal Harbour Shops, located in an upscale Miami suburb, is a renowned luxury shopping center known for its exclusive, open-air environment. Hosting the world’s top fashion houses and designer brands, it offers a premium shopping experience with personalized services and a unique tropical setting, catering to a high-end clientele.


Project Highlights

Location: Raliegh, NC
Year: 2023
Size:  17,000 square feet
Industry: Retail
Application: Shipping Container Pop-Up Shops

The Challenge

Bal Harbour Shops ventured into a unique project, using the versatility of shipping containers to create a mobile luxury mall. This approach aimed to bring their exclusive Miami shopping experience to new regions in the Southeastern Region of the US while maintaining the brand’s distinctive tropical, luxury ambiance. The project involved carefully balancing the functional aspects of mobility with the need to replicate Bal Harbour’s upscale retail environment in different locations.

The Results

Bal Harbour Shops’ Access Pop-Up, designed by LOT-EK and manufactured by BMarko Structures, started its journey in Raleigh. This 17,000 square foot space, crafted from 28 shipping containers, hosts luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Balmain. Its debut in Raleigh marked the beginning of a new era in mobile luxury retail, bringing the exclusive Bal Harbour experience to diverse locations and showcasing the potential for upscale retail spaces in various settings.

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