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Bal Harbour Shops a leader in luxury shopping, is located in the upscale suburb of Miami Beach, Florida. Known worldwide for its iconic, open-air environment, Bal Harbour Shops hosts top fashion houses and designer brands, offering a premium shopping experience with personalized services in a unique tropical setting, catering to a high-end clientele.


Project Highlights

Locations: Raliegh (NC), Sarasota (FL), Destin (FL)
Year: 2023
Size:  17,000 square feet
Industry: Retail
Application: Shipping Container Pop-Up Shops

Project Vision

In a rapidly evolving omnichannel and increasingly digital world, Bal Harbour Shops envisioned a future that extends beyond traditional retail. The concept of a mobile luxury pop-up mall emerged as a strategic initiative to project the brand into new markets. Antony Barran, the Head of Commerce and a renowned Business Strategy and Marketing guru, spearheaded this innovative project.

Design and Execution

The design challenge was handed to LOT-EK, a shipping container architectural studio recognized for its ingenious and innovative shipping container structures. LOT-EK was tasked with creating a multi-configurable, transportable ultra-luxury shopping mall that would embody the aura and cultural prestige of the original Bal Harbour Shops. The next step in the process was for someone to build the project. That is when LOT-EK turned to BMarko Structures.

BMarko Structures completed the 28x shipping container mall in a timeframe of four months. Intricate design software and hardware (projection of images, marking and blue taping shapes on the containers, asymmetrical cutting of containers, etc.) were used to achieve the original look of palm trees cut from the containers’ corrugation. Once the units were completed, they were shipped to their first stop in Raleigh, NC.

The Results

The Bal Harbour Access Pop-Up started its journey in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hosting luxury brands like Tiffany & Co. and Balmain, it marked the beginning of a new era in mobile luxury retail. 

After its debut in Raleigh, the pop-up was relocated to Sarasota, Florida, showcasing its versatility and the potential to bring upscale retail experiences to various settings across the Southeastern Region of the US. There is no saying to where they will be at the time that you’re reading this… 

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