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Antony Kountouris

Antony Kountouris


Tommy Rakes

Tommy Rakes

President of Wood Modular Division

Matt McConnell

Matt McConnell

President of Steel Modular Division

Ben Silewicz

Ben Silewicz

Vice President of Growth

Elena Bondari

Elena Bondari


Mike Grimes

Mike Grimes


Tyler Wise

Tyler Wise

Marketing Manager

Antony Kountouris – CEO


Antony Kountouris spent the first 18 years of his life in Athens, Greece. Seeing a much greater opportunity in the States he decided to study abroad. 

While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, Antony met Boris Jerkunica, the Chairman of BMarko, and teamed up with him to start the company. Boris, being a successful software entrepreneur, saw a construction industry that trailed innovation and technology by a hundred years. He identified the General Contractor model as a risk mitigation approach as opposed to a value creation approach, common in the software industry. The two of them started the journey to bring true value to construction through highly innovative approaches.  

His favorite part about working for BMarko Structures is seeing the modes that his coworkers operate in; challenging all industry norms, asking a ton of questions, and bringing loads of passion towards the company mission.

Outside of work, Antony enjoys reading great books, playing not-so-great tennis, and learning new things.

Tommy Rakes - BMarko Structures

Tommy Rakes – President of Wood Modular Division


Tommy originates from the commonwealth of Virginia. He brings 42 years of modular building experience to the BMarko Structures team. His roles with past companies span from a Framer to Plant Manager to VP Operations. This has helped create Tommy’s unique understanding of modular construction as he’s truly seen it all from so many different perspectives.

His interest in the industry began when he was young, watching his uncle building custom kitchen cabinets. Being able to see the raw wood material turn into a beautiful end-product, got Tommy hooked into construction and building customer-pleasing products every day.

Tommy earned a Business degree from Patrick Henry Community College.

In his time away from the modular factory, he enjoys clearing his head with some long-distance running.

Matt McConnell – President of Steel Modular Division


Prior to joining BMarko, Matt McConnell spent time in the State of Georgia’s Industrialized Buildings Program where he learned a great deal about modular construction.

His interest in the industry began during his time with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs where he reviewed and approved modular construction plans. Matt was also part of a team that created regulations for shipping containers to be included in the State of Georgia’s Industrialized Buildings Program and that’s how he initially crossed paths with BMarko Structures.

Since joining the team in 2017, he has embraced working in a team that faces challenges head-on and is constantly improving and innovating.

Ben Silewicz BMarko Structures

Ben Silewicz – Vice President of Growth


Ben is originally from Houston, Texas where he graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in Architecture. He’s worked in the modular industry for 9 years in both the steel and wood facets as a Project Director, Director of Project Management, and Director of Operations.

The speed in which modular construction projects can be completed drew Ben to the modular industry. Coming from the traditional design and construction world, a project could easily take two years. In the modular world, this timeline is dramatically reduced and he couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

Working with the best in the industry, “a modular all-star team,” is Ben’s favorite part about working for BMarko Structures.

In his time away from BMarko, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and camping. He also likes to golf and play the guitar in his spare time.

Mike Grimes – Engineer


Mike is originally from Maryland, but spent the last 5 years in New Hampshire. He brings over 23 years of modular and panelized building experience to the team.

He is well-versed in residential and commercial building codes and building practices. His favorite part about working for the team is the innovation and how the team is constantly looking for ways to improve its methods as well as how to improve the industry itself.

Ever since he learned how to draw a two-point perspective at age 8, his love for architecture grew exponentially. Prior to BMarko, Michael held positions as a Drafter, Residential Supervisor, Design Manager, and Engineering Manager.

Michael holds a degree from York Technical Institute for Computer-Aided Drafting and Design.

When he’s not working, Michael enjoys playing guitar and writing works of fiction.

Elena Bondari – Controller


Elena is an integral part of the team and has been on board since the very beginning. She’s originally from Moldova

She loves business process optimization and is excited to be part of a company that is transforming the normal process of the construction industry. Elena’s strongest job assets include organizing financial data in a format that tells a story and helps all units of the organization track their performance and make decisions.

Her favorite part about working for BMarko Structures is the constant changes due to the rapid growth of the company.  She also enjoys the ability of the BMarko team to adopt and implement these changes.

Prior to BMarko, Elena was Chief Operating Officer at PQC International, a management consulting firm.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance from Clayton State University.

Tyler Wise – Marketing Manager

Tyler is originally from Central Pennsylvania. He now resides in Brooklyn, NY. 

The innovative and progressive ways of modular construction were the main reasons Tyler wanted to join BMarko Structures. His favorite part about working with the team is everybody’s ability to continually learn new things and have a can-do-attitude.

Prior to his time at BMarko, he worked at a digital marketing agency. 

During his time at Kutztown University, Tyler received a bachelor’s degree in marketing while minoring in supply chain management.

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys traveling, finding new music, frequenting comedy clubs, and cheering on Pittsburgh sports teams.


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