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In 2020 we are in an economy where it’s important to cut costs and improve efficiency wherever possible, companies and organizations all around the world are turning to shipping container modifications.

If you’re in search of a durable,  secure, and sustainable structure for your specific needs, consider shipping container modifications for your next building project.

Custom storage containers make an affordable and eco-friendly base for a modular building unit. At BMarko Structures, we convert used shipping containers into functional and attractive commercial buildings. We believe modular buildings don’t have to be boring — for innovative custom designs that expand the possibility of what modular means, make BMarko your partner for your next build!

In the following guide, we’ll help you decide whether a custom container is the right choice for your company.

What Is Shipping Container Modification?

Storage container buildings offer an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar structure. As the name implies, these are the standard storage containers used for transporting goods on vessels, trucks and railcars — but they’re expertly modified to create anything from offices and classrooms to electrical control rooms, water treatment facilities, retail stores, and even innovative multi-unit affordable housing developments. With the full range of flexible configuration options available, the possibilities for modifying shipping containers are virtually endless.

Why Choose BMarko Structures as Your Shipping Container Company?

The rapid rise in popularity in this new and exciting form of building construction has led to more shipping container modification companies opening for business and skyrocketing sales. BMarko Structures has quickly become an industry leader in custom shipping container solutions. We have a wide range of experience with the B2B market offering high-quality products and services that meet the cost, durability, functionality and environmental requirements of a wide variety of commercial and industrial establishments. Our operation consists of three divisions, including a 3D Shipping Container Modifications Division that’s perfect for turnkey projects and small footprint builds that fulfill your local community’s building policy as well as your custom specifications.

We also understand the need to complete the job quickly, especially for business owners who must meet tight deadlines. Since our inception, our team has shipped every product on time — no other company in our industry can make that claim. We’ve developed a stellar reputation as a trustworthy, partner-focused, detail-oriented provider of custom containers that strives to exceed our clients’ expectations.

What Are the Benefits of

Custom Shipping Containers?

Here are just a few:

• They’re Customized
Shipping container structures can be modified to fit virtually any purpose. When you order from a modification company (like us), professional engineers and architects will work with you to tailor a container with your goals in mind.

• They’re Portable
Because of their smart, compact design, shipping container modifications can be conveniently transported to different areas – even AFTER they’re modified.

• They’re Quick
Customizing a shipping container is a relatively fast process. If you need a structure quickly, shipping containers modifications are much faster than traditional construction. Due to their modular nature the construction time on site is dramatically reduced.

• They’re Durable
Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and transport materials overseas. So, naturally, when you build a structure out of a shipping container, the industrial-strength metal won’t break or decay – even in a hurricane.

Modified Shipping Container Applications: 

Choose Your Modification

Commercial Modifications

Compared to traditional construction, shipping container modifications take significantly less time to build. With a modified shipping container, businesses can get started sooner, reducing the time it takes to see a return on their investment.

Shipping container modifications are perfect for…

Shipping Container Office Buildings: Modular construction is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to build an office, whether open plan or closed. You’ll also have many door, window and flooring options, and you can even install an HVAC unit for year-round comfort.

Shipping Container Press Boxes: We can build high-quality press boxes for athletic fields, arenas and stadiums that are surprisingly comfortable and modern. They’re also easy to integrate into the layout of a new or existing facility.

Shipping Container Restaurants: Modified shipping containers are an excellent option for creating a trendy restaurant, diner, bar or coffee shop that will be the talk of the town. Unlike space rentals, the flexibility to place your establishment in the ideal spot can help you overcome the biggest obstacle that causes so many of these businesses to fail — poor location

Shipping Container Stores: A custom shipping container is a great option for creating a pop-up shop for your business or event. They’re easily brandable to draw your customers’ eyes. Similar to restaurants, the flexibility to place your establishment in the ideal spot can help you place yourself directly by your target audience. 

• Modular Classrooms: Using a shipping container modified as a portable classroom can help school districts operating on tight budgets provide additional classroom space for their students. It offers a more cost-effective alternative to constructing new brick-and-mortar buildings or renovating existing structures.

• Portable Concession Stands: Shipping container modifications offer a quick, easy way to build mobile concession stands and snack bars at sports facilities or arenas or to transport them from one event to another.

• Many, many more: Tell BMarko Structures about your unique commercial entity concept, and we’ll find a way to help you use shipping container conversions to make it happen!

Industrial Modifications

Because of their convenient portability, fast build-times, and superior durability, custom shipping containers are a great fit for industrial uses. With a quick, easy way to manufacture buildings, industrial companies can reach their goals and raise their bottom line. Ask about delivery, we’ll schedule a pick-up and drop off your container whenever you need it.

They can be modified into…


Modular Laboratories & Clean Rooms

• Modular Bathrooms

• Modular Jails

• Modular Process Skids

 Prefabricated Pump Houses

Modular Data Centers

Modular Security Booths and Guard Houses

• Water Treatment Facilities

• Battery Storage Units

• Many, many more!

Multi-Unit Developments

About a decade ago, several forward-thinking visionaries began stacking modified shipping containers on top of each other to build truly unique apartment buildings.

Now, they’re a growing trend in nearly every big city.

Stacked like giant LEGO bricks on top of each other, shipping container developments are hard to miss. Though they catch eyes at first glance, shipping container modifications provide more than aesthetic. Multi-unit shipping container developments are eco-friendly, highly customized, and durable in even the most extreme weather.

If you’re a real estate developer or someone interested in starting or expanding a property for rent, modified shipping containers can provide an excellent way to grow your enterprise.

Custom Design Options

There’s no shortage of possibilities regarding the custom shipping container design. Take a look at a few of the many available options for the customization of your structure:


Insulation/Interior Finishing








Locking Mechanisms

A wide range of design options adds to the versatility of a BMarko custom shipping container building. Consider the following for your container’s custom interior and exterior spaces:

Flooring — New shipping containers are delivered with their original plywood floor intact. Some customers choose to leave this as-is, although it’s more common to have it finished or even replaced with a durable modern laminate.

Walls — In most climates, the steel walls of a shipping container don’t provide enough protection from the elements. Walls can be finished in drywall or wood paneling, with spray foam or fiberglass insulation available to minimize heat loss during the winter. Shelving can also be included in pricing upon request to store tools and boxes.

Windows — Shipping container buildings can support several different window types, including double-hung, sliding and fixed designs, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For extra energy efficiency, double pane glass can be installed.

Doors — Wooden doors are rarely used in custom shipping container buildings as they can detract from the unit’s structural integrity. Metal doors are the most economical option, though sliding glass storefront doors make an attractive and welcoming alternative that lets more light inside. Roll up doors are also a common solution for industrial cargo containers.

HVAC — To keep your staff comfortable all year round, air-conditioned modular units can be equipped with either through the wall or ductless HVAC appliances. Vents, solar installations and other green technology are also viable options.


Size and Layout

Custom shipping containers come in several standard sizes, and the most common are 20′ or 40′ long, 8’6″ or 9’6″ high and 8′ wide. Though shipping containers are the basic building blocks of our modular structures, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these sizes. Individual containers can be modified, walls can be removed, and units can be placed together. This leads to multiple potential layouts and configurations. Because shipping containers are capable of withstanding up to 213,000 lbs. of weight, it’s even possible to design a multi-story unit.

One of the best things about a custom shipping container building is that it can be added to or altered as your needs change. When it’s time to grow your business, our modular designs make finding additional office space easy and inexpensive.

Looking for something else?

Shipping container modifications are completely custom-built, and nearly all of the design features are up to you. If you’d like to add or modify something that you don’t see here, chances are, we can probably do it. Give us a call at (678) 666-3688 to learn more.  

Shipping Container Sizing

Shipping containers typically measure eight feet wide and either 8’6” or 9’6” high. A range of lengths are available, but the most common and best-suited for conversion are either 20 or 40 feet long. Within these parameters, the design possibilities of a shipping container conversion are almost limitless. Units can be placed side by side or, because they can withstand over 200,000 pounds of weight, stacked on top of one another to build a larger structure. Most shipping container faqs can be answered here.

Ready to Get Started?

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Being on time is our specialty. You tell us what you want to buy, and we’ll do the rest. 

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