Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

BMarko Structures is a leading portable data center container manufacturer with vast experience in producing high-quality modular structures. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce custom modules quickly and within set timelines while paying an incredible amount of attention to detail. Our main objective is to complete any construction project on time in a more efficient and time-effective way.

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Just about all businesses and government agencies produce data and need some sort of data center to operate. Some businesses, such as large e-commerce companies, wholly depend on integrated data infrastructure to exist. Small companies or those just starting out, may eventually find they also need a data center as they grow to increase their own scalability. 

Data centers house computing hardware required to process and store large amounts of data and support communications networks. Most companies rely heavily on computing capabilities to connect with customers, market their products and provide the best services possible. When a company has the data storage they need to provide fast and reliable access to their website, they can complete e-commerce transactions, take online orders, run email services and perform a host of other functions, resulting in satisfied customers and revenue growth. 

In 2022, with more of the world using online services and digital technologies to do everything from ordering groceries to obtaining an education, companies need to be able to function online at all times to supply and scale the demand. They must be able to store large media files and make data accessible to customers 24/7. Although cloud software can help save storage space to an extent, most companies and enterprises require some level of physical data capacity including data center infrastructure.

If a company needs greater computing power and more data storage but does not have the space or budget to build a traditional data center, a modular data center might be the key. Modular data center systems offer companies of all sizes a fast, simple solution that allows them to operate around the clock based on the options they choose to deploy. It’s no wonder the market for mobile data centers is growing. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global modular data center market was valued at over $9 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach almost $35 billion by 2023. BMarko Structures is here to offer the options and resources needed for your future endeavors whether it be for personal or industrial use.
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What Are Modular Data Center Solutions?

A modular data center consists of containers, or modules, which resemble industrial shipping containers. Prefab data centers hold computing equipment, such as servers. They serve the same purpose as a brick-and-mortar data center, except they are prefabricated, portable and built for fast deployment. A modular data center facility typically includes:

  • Servers: A server is a computer or device that manages network services. A data center may house thousands of servers. A modular data center building can be configured to hold as many servers as a company needs.
  • Server racks: Server racks are designed to hold and organize computing equipment. Modular data centers typically include a single row of equipment racks that run the length of the container and feature access aisles on either side. Server racks are usually of equal size.
  • Power supply: Most containerized data centers require an external power supply to operate devices, though some may feature onboard power generation inside. Some companies may choose to install generators or other pieces of backup power equipment to ensure they never lose a second of service.
  • Cooling technology: Information technology (IT) equipment generates a lot of heat. Therefore, portable, modular data centers require cooling technology to prevent overheating. Using outside air to keep equipment cool is the most efficient approach but isn’t always possible. There are many other cooling methods available such as evaporative cooling, which uses water to remove heat from the container.
  • Security features: Prefabricated data centers require the same level of security as a traditional data center. Companies must make sure they use lighting, fencing, surveillance cameras or other security measures to protect their data and equipment.
  • Fire protection: In general, local building and fire codes require the installation of fire protection and suppression systems in data centers. Modular data centers are no exception. To keep workers and equipment safe, incorporate fire detection and protection systems in your modular data center design.

Although you might think of a containerized solution as a data center in a box, configurations vary greatly depending on a company’s needs. Modular data centers may be designed to be portable or stationary. They may be small single-rack solutions or large facilities composed of multiple units. For example, companies can stack containerized data centers vertically or side by side when they need to increase their computing power. Usually, custom shipping containers measure 8 feet wide and can be 20 or 40 feet long. However, modular data center manufacturers can modify containers to build a custom solution.

What Are the Benefits of Containerized Data Centers?

Many companies worry they don’t have the time or money to build a data center. Luckily, a containerized data center manufacturer offers the benefits of a traditional data center without the cost or space requirements. With a mobile data center on-site, companies, both large and small, can keep their operations running smoothly all day, every day.

Modular data centers offer multiple benefits, many of which you won’t find in a conventional building. Here are some reasons to consider partnering with a modular data center vendors:

Speedy Deployment

Speed is the name of the game. Modular data centers can be installed with rapid deployment. Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar data center, which may take years to set up, a modular system can be up and running within a few months — depending on a site’s condition. Prefab data centers are built in a factory setting which enables quick construction. When your portable data center is built quickly, you’ll also save money on labor costs. At BMarko Structures, we have experience building custom modular solutions. We have easy access to steel and other required materials to construct your mobile data center quickly.


Portable data centers are reliable. When a company has a secure, well-constructed data center on-site, they don’t have to worry about challenges such as running out of data storage or experiencing interruptions. They will have enough computing power to run their business efficiently and ensure network availability 24 hours a day. Customers expect to be able to access a company’s website and online services whenever they need to. With a modular data center, companies can keep customers satisfied.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional data centers consume massive amounts of energy. According to the National Institutes of Health, data center facilities can consume up to 200 times more electricity than standard office spaces. Compact containers, on the other hand, make it easy to manage airflow and conserve energy. They can also be designed to feature energy-efficient cooling systems. To many companies, mobile data centers are energy-saving solutions that also reduce operating costs.


Modular data centers are highly flexible and much easier to expand or reconfigure than traditional data centers. Companies can quickly grow their data capacity as needed to meet the demands of their customers. For example, an easy-to-deploy modular data center may be the ideal solution for a busy retailer in need of greater computing power during the holiday shopping season. This way, they can ensure every transaction runs smoothly. Since modular data centers are made in a factory, they are also consistent in design, which helps with scalability. At BMarko Structures, we can modify data center containers to suit any purpose.

Space Efficiency

Mobile data centers are compact and take up far less space than traditional buildings no matter the location. They are specially designed for optimal performance and have a higher density per rack than conventional data facilities.


It’s less expensive to order a prefabricated modular data center than build one on-site or remodel an existing building. Traditional data centers can cost millions of dollars to build. According to DCD Intelligence research, modular data centers may cost up to 14 percent lower than a conventional building of the same configuration. A modular center’s efficient design means lower maintenance costs, as well.


Data center containers are easy to relocate and place just about anywhere. If a company needs to expand or move to a better facility, they don’t need to rebuild a new data center. They can move their mobile data center wherever and whenever they need to go. For this reason, modular data centers make excellent storage solutions for companies who need reliable IT equipment in remote locations. This may include government agencies, construction companies, emergency service providers or any company that frequently changes locations.


Modular data centers are constructed in a climate-controlled environment, which means they are protected from damage as they are built. Also, if you choose a modular data center made of steel, you can expect to have a long-lasting structure. Steel is the strongest material you’ll find and an excellent choice for protecting your data and IT equipment from harsh weather or theft.

What Are Mobile Data Center Applications?

Modular data centers are critical in just about every industry because most businesses and customers use data. For example, according to the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of Americans go online every day. People use the internet to shop, research products and services, download media and much more. When someone visits a company’s website, they expect it to work. A modular data center helps make this possible as a reliable source of data storage.

Any company in need of strong processing capacity, low deployment and operational costs, and fast set up can find use in a containerized data center. Here are a few typical mobile data center applications:

  • Temporary solution: Companies can use a containerized data center while their current facility is being renovated. A modular data center is also scalable, making it a cost-effective and convenient option if a company needs to temporarily expand its computing capacity or need a little extra space for their servers. Modular data centers are purpose-built, so a company can work with a container manufacturer to construct the right size and shape for their needs.
  • Disaster recovery data center: Prefabricated data centers are considered mobile because they are transported in pieces and assembled quickly on site. This makes them the ideal solution for disaster recovery workers who need computing power in the least amount of time possible. Mobile data centers also provide data access efficiently in remote locations. Military operations or media broadcasts can use containerized data centers to communicate from anywhere.
  • Backup solution: A mobile data center may be deployed as a backup or to complement an existing facility. For example, if the core data center fails, a backup modular data center enables a company to continue operating. With a reliable backup on-site, a company doesn’t have to lose revenue or customers due to website downtime.
  • Main data center: Companies who need to increase their data capacity might turn to modular solutions to save time, space and money. For example, a growing e-commerce company might choose an efficient prefabricated data center rather than pay a contractor and laborers to build a traditional facility on their property. Some businesses may prefer to have a modular data center as their primary engineering hub rather than outsource data management to another company. When a business has its own facility, whether it exists in a single container or multiple units, they can stay in control of their data and security. For example, a modular data center may be deployed as a large-scale solution for a telecommunications company, or as an addition to an existing data center.

Why Choose BMarko Structures?

A data center must be located within a high quality, efficiently designed structure to perform optimally. Each unit needs to be constructed of heavy-duty materials to be suitable for transportation, delivery and various weather conditions. At BMarko Structures, we manufacture durable steel containers, which can be shipped to remote locations or your company’s site. Steel is the ideal material for sheltering delicate IT equipment, and can easily be configured to include all necessary power and cooling components.

As an experienced Atlanta-based modular construction company, BMarko Structures is a manufacturer you can depend on. We can custom create and construct a mobile data center to meet your precise needs and specifications. Next, our professional team is ready to help you build a custom modular data center quickly, easily and at a lower cost than a traditional building. When you partner with us, you can expect exceptional attention to detail, design flexibility and on-time delivery. To learn more about how we can build the mobile data center your company needs, or to request a quote, contact BMarko Structures today.

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“When we needed a design and build team BMarko was the group that fit perfect for what we needed. BMarko made this happen. Throughout the project we found BMarko’s design and build team to be responsive on quality, design and able to deliver the finished product on time. BMarko was great to work with from start to finish.”
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“Antony’s knowledge and design helped immensely in our initial structure. We have ordered 6 units, each is exactly to spec and is impeccably made. Of others we have looked at Bmarko is the best quality and the fastest delivery.”
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“Thanks for another successful project. Once again, great quality and on time delivery.”
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