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BMarko Structures ™ offers American government and military agencies SCIF solutions using shipping containers and other modular methods. We pride ourselves on a high-quality product and always being on time. If you’re looking for a SCIF building for your facility please contact us today!

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The need to closely protect sensitive information with SCIF technologies has never been more prevalent, with the threat of global terrorism, industrial espionage, and foreign intelligence services attacks at an all-time high. BMarko Structures is an American-leader for solutions-based SCIF construction and design, specifically from shipping containers. We provide the latest technology in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities worldwide.

Our high quality, cost-effective SCIF containers safeguard you with state-of-the-art security features. Our containers contain all of the government standards including but not limited to multi-layered construction elements for shielding and sound attenuation (STC) materials to ensure proper sound masking. Start today by replacing your aging buildings with more effective, versatile facilities, you can streamline your operations built by a company you can trust as SCIF builders.

What is a SCIF? (pronounced “skiff”)

A SCIF (pronounced “skiff”) is an enclosed area within a building, a modular building or a modified container building accredited by the government where Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) can be kept, addressed, or received electronically for processing. SCIFs are primarily needed by government and government-related contractors that deal with high-security, high-sensitive information.

SCI is classified information related to or derived from sources, procedures or analytical processes of intelligence that is needed to be managed within the structured access control mechanisms set up by the Director of Central Intelligence. While usually only parts of a building are SCIFs some entire buildings can be built as SCIFs. There’s zero public access to SCIF as all activity and communication inside the facility is restricted.

Who Uses SCIFs?

When politicians or military leaders need to be briefed when traveling, permanent or temporary SCIFs are the go to solution. The most prominent SCIF is undoubtedly the situation room of the White House, where presidents have deliberated on the country’s most critical decisions on military and foreign policy.

As President Trump continued his trips down to his resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, the role of SCIFs in the administration has made headlines. While the security team and Trump were monitoring a US attack on Syria, they were doing it from a temporary SCIF set up at his resort.

The Office of the National Intelligence Director lays down strict guidelines for the technical and security elements of the SCIF. This includes everything from the specifications for what materials the doors and windows are made from to guidelines for armed guards and instructions for the destruction of temporary SCIFs.

Presidents’ hotel rooms and immediate surroundings frequently become SCIFs when they travel. Even members of Congress and other high ranking government and military officials have SCIFs built into their homes in case a high-security conversation is needed at a moment’s notice. The Capitol building also has multiple SCIFs for offices to view and receive classified information.

Due to the nature of what goes on in SCIFs another DNI guideline is SCIF construction is limited to only American companies.

SCIF Requirements (How To Build a SCIF)

We deliver advantages that other producers just can’t match:

Minimum Requirements for SCIFs (Defined in the Intelligence Community Directive)

In order to ensure that high-security features are incorporated into the facility beyond those accomplished by conventional commercial construction, the official directive outlined in the Department of Defense manual defines several specialized construction specifications. All perimeter surfaces (walls, ceilings and floor) are to be built to prevent any type unauthorized access or tampering.

Individualized Solutions

Each program has its own performance specifications depending on the specific application requirements of each project. Examples of additional construction materials include radiant barrier foil, physical perimeter hardening using expanded metal with heavier gauge metal studs, as well as additional protective acoustic features. These can all help avoid eavesdropping. Audio intelligence collection may also be needed for fabrication.

Protective Measures

While there are standard specifications for any SCIF, each project may also have protective measures that are determined by factors such as the location of the building, protection in depth (SID), inspectable area, and TEMPEST conditions. These are only a few of the considerations that will decide what unique security precautions will be necessary.

Why Containerized SCIFs?

SCIF container units and containerized SCIFs are cost-effective and mobile methods of supplying safe facilities to assess and preserve Top Secret classified information. BMarko Structures can modify a standard 10’, 20′, or 40′ ISO container into a SCIF (Secure Compartmented Information Facility) or new SCIFs can be built to any size requirement from the ground up from a steel interlocking panel building. Armored SCIF options can be incorporated into either design. Depending on the project’s timeline we can then ship these SCIFs easily via truck, air, or overseas on a commercial container vessel.

Container SCIF buildings have proved to be the highest-quality solution that maximizes quick mobility and portability. Due to their original application as a shipping container, they are tough, rugged, and easy to transport and relocate. Depending on the mission at hand, the container SCIFs can be used outside as a free-standing building or they can be retroactively fit into a larger building such as a warehouse.

Slightly different from containerized SCIFs, we also offer prefabricated modular SCIF buildings. They also are all made right at our factory. They pre-engineered and designed using steel wall panels and tracks. In the US and overseas, multi-story SCIFs have been built on a need basis.

Choosing a Properly Qualified SCIF Manufacturing Company

Depending on the type of construction method you ultimately choose, the proper protective measures needed may have a major cost effect on the project. In terms of both time and resources, it is most advantageous to ensure that the designer of a SCIF has extensive experience with the various possible requirement scenarios. The contractor constructing the facility should not only have ample experience constructing SCIFs but lots of experience dealing with government projects.

Choosing a properly trained build company, especially when choosing a modular or containerized SCIF solution is the ideal situation. Furthermore, a company that places a large emphasis on meeting its deadlines on time is helpful as government projects involving top-secret information often come with strict timelines.

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The modular SCIF manufacturing space is flooded with companies that offer various services. However, finding the ideal SCIF manufacturer can sometimes turn out to be a huge challenge.

The good news is that BMarko Structures makes everything easy for you by providing high quality, custom containerized SCIF construction services. Above all, we go out of our way to ensure your SCIF container is ready on time while providing top tier customer service. Our policy is if we don’t have the fastest lead times, tell us and we’ll make sure we are.

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“Antony’s knowledge and design helped immensely in our initial structure. We have ordered 6 units, each is exactly to spec and is impeccably made. Of others we have looked at Bmarko is the best quality and the fastest delivery.”
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