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Shipping Container Offices

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Today’s businesses are focused on finding sustainable solutions to infrastructure problems.

For a business, sustainability encompasses not just protecting the environment, but also making wise decisions that position your organization for long-term success. It’s difficult to find solutions that strike a balance between cost effectiveness, eco-friendliness, operational efficiency, and aesthetic distinction.

In all of these measures, however, there is a clear benefit to growing your business by housing it in a shipping container office, a choice that’s forward-thinking and represents the best of sustainable ideals.

Modular Shipping Container Offices

Atlanta, Georgia’s BMarko Structures delivers high-quality modular building solutions for a wide range of industries. We provide custom-built shipping container offices to clients around the country who rely on us for both our design expertise and our commitment to customer service. We take pride in our mission to awaken our clients’ inner architects and help guide them through the manufacture of their ideal buildings.

Let’s examine the different aspects of custom shipping container offices and consider how a BMarko modular unit can benefit your business.

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Choosing a Shipping Container Office

When you’re choosing a shipping container office, it’s important to consider the following characteristics:


Practically any shipping container can make an excellent base for a modular office or other commercial building. A newer container will require less work to get into usable shape, but will be more expensive to purchase. On the other hand, while older containers may have rust, dents or other issues that require cleaning up, they are typically available for less money. They also carry a unique charm that can help add to the curb appeal of your organization and generate interest from passers-by.

Containers generally fall into one of three categories: new containers, which have only made one trip overseas; good condition used containers, which are between 3-7 years old but are still cargo-worthy; and used-retired containers, which have reached the end of their shipping life, typically after 12-15 years of service. Used-retired containers may contain welded patches, but these welded patches are designated both wind- and water-tight. BMarko can help you assess your needs and your budget, and source the right containers for your build from our network of trusted suppliers.


The other major consideration when sourcing a shipping container is finding a size that fits your business’s needs. Shipping containers come in a wide range of standard and non-standard sizes, though modular building components typically start with units either 20′ or 40′ in length, 8′ wide and 8’6″ or 9’6″ tall.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a shipping container office is limited to one of these sizes. Containers can be placed side by side for extra floor space, stacked on top of one another to create new levels, or linked in another way to maximize space for your business. The modular construction process offers a large amount of engineering flexibility for any client who wants to customize their design. Find out more by speaking with one of our team members directly.

Benefits of Shipping Container Offices

There is no shortage of reasons why a custom shipping container office building is a great choice for your business. When you invest in a BMarko modular office, you’ll benefit from:

Lower price tag

By far the biggest benefit of going modular with a shipping container office is the lower price point at which they are available for purchase. Shipping container offices are considerably less expensive than traditionally constructed buildings, due largely in part to reduced labor and material costs in their manufacture. Depending on the real estate market in your area, they may also be cheaper than renting additional space. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to customize and make changes to your layout as you see fit, likely at a lower cost than retrofitting an existing space.

Decreased construction time

By choosing a unit with a shell that has already been assembled, you’ll save precious time on your project. You’ll be able re-allocate that time to running the day-to-day responsibilities of your business.

Peace of mind that comes from making an environmentally-friendly choice

Shipping container office buildings are good for the environment in a number of ways. They encourage the creative re-purposing and re-use of building materials and keep perfectly good steel out of landfills. They reduce the manufacture of harmful chemicals often present in new construction. They give you the option of adding energy-saving components, such as high-efficiency windows, insulation, and solar panels without an expensive retrofitting process. On a month-to-month basis, this translates to ongoing savings on your utility bills.

The same interior design choices as a traditionally built structure

Once assembled, it’s hard to differentiate a shipping container office from a stick-framed building. Choose from a variety of wall coverings and flooring selections to create a distinctive office environment.


Built to stand the test of time, shipping container office buildings are meant to grow with your business. The modular construction process makes it easy to add an additional building, an extension to an existing building or even a second story.

A bold design choice

Attract new customers and win praise from returning clients by choosing a shipping container to house your business in. They’ll appreciate your commitment to selecting an eco-friendly material and be wowed by the unique aesthetics of your new office.


Meeting Room & Personal Desks

Building With BMarko

At BMarko, we’re committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers. We’ll work with you to develop a custom shipping container building design that keeps your team productive and comfortable. We can quickly turn around individual modular components and deliver them to your property in a timely fashion. We’ll even help you obtain the permits necessary to complete your build without delay. In addition, we can deliver your custom-made office to nationwide locations.

Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting our Atlanta office directly. To learn more about the details of how a shipping container office is built and the benefits and possibilities that await your business, download our free white paper today!