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BMarko Structures offers turnkey prefabricated bathroom pods with MEP and HVAC systems pre-installed along with all associated bathroom elements. Make the better choice by choosing our prefab bathroom pods for your next development. They are perfect for any development including but not limited to multi-family residential housing, student housing, senior housing, hotels, hospitals, and military housing applications.

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What Is a Bathroom Pod?

A bathroom pod is a factory-made bathroom unit that comes pre-installed with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Once manufactured, it is shipped to an end construction site, ready to use. All that needs to be done once placed is simply connect the modular bathroom pod to the MEP systems from the pods above and or below the unit. 

You may wonder how bathroom pods differ from traditional modular bathrooms. While bathroom pods are modular and factory-made as well, they can be designed to fit into a traditional stick-built design. They offer massive benefits compared to their traditional bathroom construction counterparts. Most importantly, bathroom pods merge more than 10 construction trades into one prefab end-product. You simply pop the bathroom pod into the floor of the development and build around it, saving you time, resources, and money compared to traditional builds.

What are the Advantages of Bathroom Pods?

Over the years we’ve seen how many issues traditional bathrooms bring construction projects, with countless defects causing costly delays. By utilizing bathroom pods and replacing the traditional build process, it eliminates the need of on-site coordination between numerous different professionals. By effectively consolidating the construction of bathrooms to a single prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturer, like BMarko Structures, it offers a consistency of quoting, cost certainty, quality control and project management efficiency. All of which is seemingly impossible to achieve onsite with a traditional bathroom builds with multiple trades and suppliers.

Bathrooms of a hotel, student accommodation or residential development construction budget can account for roughly 5-10% of the capital cost, but account for up to 80% of defects. Modular bathroom pods are especially valuable for construction projects where the bathrooms are often exact replicas of each other such as hotels, student housing, etc. Similar to the auto industry, efficient production lines in factories result in improved lead times, a higher quality product, and a lesser cost.

What Are the Benefits of Bathroom Pods?

Ease of Purchase

When a hospitality, student housing, senior living, or multi-family project calls to buy bathroom pods that are extremely similar, a developer has the opportunity to purchase in bulk with custom features. This brings tremendous value to repetitive clients who rather work to design and engineer their bathrooms once and not with every general contractor, tradesman and supplier they must hire at their job locations. The result? A client who is saved from wasted time, money, and frustration.


To successfully implement a bathroom pod program it is vital that the idea is part of the initial design. The bathroom pod requires its own self-supporting framing in order to be lifted and moved around. If this framing is not part of the building’s initial designs, it requires late changes to interior spaces or other unwanted difficulties. While building with a bathroom pod does require modifications to the dimensions of the bathroom and building, having multiple iterations of the bathroom pod before production can minimize initial expenses.. If the project calls for enough units, a prototype bathroom pod can be pre-manufactured for client review before ordering is completed.

Saving Money And Stress

Onsite traditional bathroom construction requires the general contractor to coordinate up to 5 specialty trades. The worst part is that each trade is dependent upon the other to do their jobs. While eliminating the stress of job coordination, prefab bathroom pods also help reduce the amount of site waste and electricity. One other often overlooked element are the pods cutting down on pre-opening room cleaning.

Shortened Completion Time

A bathroom pod manufacturer can be pre-fabricating and putting the finishing touches on a bathroom while the foundation is still being laid at the construction site. Once shipped, the units can be quickly and easily connected into the main lines of the building infrastructure with a lower level of skill required thanks to properly routed and bundled utilities.

Quality Control

As the construction industry becomes more familiar with prefabrication and comfortable using it in their developments, bathroom pods will become more effective. The ability to deliver a product that is of higher quality at a fraction of the cost than traditional on-site builds can’t be overlooked for much longer. The quality is derived from the repeatable tasks that can be monitored and critiqued for consistency, all in a controlled factory environment. There’s a reason that quality cars are manufactured in a factory setting compared to in the dealership’s parking lot.


Modular construction is known for creating less waste than on-site. Therefore it naturally is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.


Skilled labor and construction shortage is a problem that is not going away, which makes it difficult to find at every job site especially at a fair price. Leave all of that hiring to your bathroom pod manufacturer to figure out as they can keep consistent staff on hand at all times who are familiar with the bathroom pod building process.

Are Bathroom Pods Right For Your Project?

A key element of successful construction projects is consistent quality and finishes throughout the build. Fewer defects and inconsistencies will result from bathrooms built in a factory setting. The method of offsite construction also allows the bathroom pod manufacturer the ability to research and innovate through their own quality control to better improve the quality and aesthetic of their bathroom pods.

Using bathroom pods eliminate defects, reduce construction time, and improve quality over the traditional building methods with the multitude of trades that need to be organized to build the bathroom design. This requires a high degree of coordination on-site to ensure correct sequencing and quality of work from tradesmen including but limited to:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Tilers
  • Floor Layers
  • Sealant applicators
  • Carpenters

While the capital cost may not result in less than traditional bathrooms, bathroom pods do away with most of these issues while also contributing less waste and finishing with an improved quality result with fewer snags. The thing developers will love is that the reduced construction times mean an earlier return on income from the build. As with any innovation in the construction industry, there are situations that highlight the efficiency of bathroom pods compared to others. Bathrooms are a natural way for a developer, architect, or general contractor to explore the world of modular in-factory construction due to their relatively small size and the number of trades it consumes.

Indicators To Look For When Considering The Use of Bathroom Pods

Repeatable Process

Buildings with many similar units such as hotels, multi-family housing, student housing, and hospitals are ideal for the use of prefabricated building components, such as bathrooms pods, kitchen pods, or even headwalls.


Bathroom pods must be tailored to the job site, therefore, the pods being involved in the initial design is an important consideration. The repeatable components being designed to be in a stacked configuration increases efficiency of installation and eases the connections to the main building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


For transportation cost-efficiency the bathrooms need to be designed to fit on a standard flat-bed trailer.

Wood Modular Applications

Bathroom pods are most commonly used in the construction of hotels, multi-family apartment buildings, senior housing, and student housing projects. The reason for these applications are due to many of these developments containing a copy paste style bathroom in each unit. There’s no reason to have multiple tradesmen go through each unit and complete the same task on-site. To get the best result, it’s best to mass-produce the bathrooms off-site and transport the pods onsite to install. Think this process is right for you? Continue reading to find out for sure.


Bathroom Pod Construction Process

  1. Once the bathroom specs and design have been finalized, the machine files are produced and the metal framing can be machined.
  2. The metal framing is created and ready-to-use out of the machine.
  3. The framing is assembled.
  4. The pods are then fitted with the internal drywall, tiling, and waterproof lining.
  5. The room structure is created by joining walls, floor and ceiling
  6. Seal joints of walls, floor, and ceiling
  7. The fixtures and fittings are installed including but not limited to the bath or shower, toilets, sinks, lights, mirrors, and cabinets.
  8. The pod’s internal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components are installed.
  9. The pods are then run through various electricity and pressure tests to check for leaks.
  10. The pods are then wrapped with plastic wrap prepared for transportation.
  11. Pods are transported to the final construction site.
  12. Once on-site the bathroom pods are either slid or craned into position and connected to the power and water services similar to plugging in a major appliance.

How Much Are Bathroom Pods?

A “standard” bathroom pod does not exist, what you ask for and create during the design process is what will get built by your bathroom pod manufacturer. On the basis of capital costs bathroom pods will cost about the same as site-built bathrooms. The value of it costing the same is significant due to its numerous other benefits it brings over site-built bathrooms. When you compare the price of bathroom pods to site-built construction, it is crucial to make sure that you get a true estimate of the expenses of site-built bathrooms. There are some significant elements to consider when estimating costs.


Installation Expenses

When you receive your quote from the traditional build make sure it includes the cost of installation of all components. Many components have extra steps that cost more than just simply the supplies and shipping. The modular manufacturer helps you accurately quote these costs by providing the final installed cost of each line item.

Ensure Accuracy of Line Items

Failing to include all bathroom materials when quoting the price of a traditionally built bathroom is a common mistake by potential bathroom pod buyers. Prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturers will supply a thorough list of all components included in a bathroom in their quote. When you get the site-built estimate ensure that all the right materials are included so you can compare them line by line.

Not Seeing What You’re Looking For?

Prefab bathroom pods are completely custom-built, and nearly all of the design features are up to you. If you’d like to add or modify something that you don’t see here, chances are, we can probably do it.

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Buy Bathroom Pods From The American Manufacturer

With the consistently high-quality product that modular bathroom pods offer and the faster ROIs, shorter financing terms, it’s easy to see why they are becoming more mainstream in today’s construction industry. BMarko Structures in-house design team may be able to take your existing construction design and translate it into a solution that includes modular bathroom pods. Once we provide you with the bathroom pod quote you can add the cost to the other site-related expenses. Then you can calculate how BMarko Structures’ modular process could impact your bottom line.

If this is the first time you’ve looked into bathroom pod construction for your construction process, you probably have lots of questions! Give the BMarko Structures expert team a call or contact us today and our team will do our best to answer them for you!

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