10 Best Examples of Shipping Container Hotels Around The World

Recently, the trend of building with custom shipping containers has gained popularity. Designers and architects are finding different ways to take advantage of this concept while using reclaimed containers in various projects. This has led to a new trend –the shipping container hotel. 

These hotels offer the perfect opportunity to experience what living in a container home would be like. There are a few notable container hotels around the world today. It may sound crazy, but the shipping-container-turned hotel is a fascinative idea with all sorts of creative and innovative consequences. The best part may be that these hotels are exceptionally eco-friendly. 

Here is a list of ten shipping container hotels that marry high-end aesthetics with a commitment towards sustainability. 

1.  Farm Ville Café And Homestay

Situated in Malaysia, this is a tranquil country hotel amid paddy fields. It stands out thanks to rooms which have been made from stacks of bright red shipping containers. It also includes a swimming pool, open-air patio, barbecue area, café, and even a mini golf course. 

2. Quadrum Ski And Yoga Resort

This hotel container resort is perched on Georgia’s snowy Caucasus Mountains. It features a pyramidal jumble of shipping containers that lends a trendy modernist panache. All its rooms have huge windows while the shipping container suites also add the extra touch of a wooden terrace. The rooms are bright and minimalist. 

3. Alterra Glamping

A marvel of Argentina, Alterra Glamping is a funky beach resort with private guest cabins creating a unique hotel made of shipping containers. The cabins are scattered around the pine-shaded grounds. Each L-unit contains artful, daylight-filled windows, a private balcony, colorful décor, and a kitchenette. A garden and a swimming pool are also a part of this hotel. 

4. Container Hotel

As the name signifies, this is a container hotel built in the heart of the city center in Malaysia. This trendy shipping container hotel boasts recycled water in the toilet cistern and energy-efficient lighting. The containers have been painted orange with an additional colorful verve thanks to local graffiti artists. The customers are allowed to choose among different types of rooms and suites with concrete cylinder tubes and indoor cabana tents. 

5. Sarang By The Brook

This boutique shipping container hotel is also located in Malaysia. It contains eleven bright blue container rooms hidden amidst the tropical jungle. This is an eco-friendly resort which is all about adventure. It offers wilderness experiences including river trekking, night jungle trekking, and white-water rafting. 

6. Dock Inn

This harborside shipping container hotel in Germany is built with 64 ensuite rooms that are made from 86 customized shipping containers. The building has the charm of an industrial setting. Even though the rooms are not fancy, the focus is on being active through different facilities including a gaming room, climbing wall, movie theater, and a sauna on the roof. A nearby beach also provides opportunities for watersports such as stand up paddle boarding, volleyball, and swimming. 

7. Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotel

Studio 6 is a four-story studio with a boxy exterior. Located in Alberta, Canada, nobody can recognize that it’s a hotel made of containers. However, it boasts about being one of North America’s largest shipping container hotels. It has 63 rooms (complete with kitchenettes), a lounge area, fitness room and a large meeting room. The full-service elevator is also made from a shipping container standing on its side. 

8. Hive-Inn

For now, Hive-Inn is merely a concept in Hong Kong, but it is super cool. It has been built like an enormous Jenga puzzle and harbors colorful shipping containers which can be swapped out, inserted back, and rearranged into a structural matrix depending on the requirements. The best part is that the rooms can also be moved to different locations. This makes for interesting possibilities based on seasonal factors or visitor requests. 

9. Holiday Inn Express EventCity

On the outside, the average observer hasn’t the slightest indication of shipping containers being used when looking at Holiday Inn Express EventCity. The exterior is bland but the interior is modern, complete with carpeting, fully-heighted windows, and wallpaper. However, beneath the surface, there are steel shipping containers brought from China that make up the building’s entire structure. 

10. Hotel California Road At Inkwell Wines

Located in South Australia, the shipping container Hotel California Road is a 4-star hotel made from 20 recycled shipping containers. When you visit, you’ll receive special Inkwell wines in one of their special tasting rooms (indoor or outdoor). And they also offer concierge service for local wineries and restaurant reservations.

Build Your Dream Shipping Container Hotel with BMarko

This new, trendy idea of building shipping container hotels has taken the world by storm. Many players in the hospitality industry all over the world are leveraging this concept to stand out from their competition. The rooms inside these hotels are not only perfectly structured and built, but also provide a great experience to guests. 

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