All You Need To Know About Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping container buildings have quickly taken the world by storm. They are becoming famous and being implemented in various surprising different ways. This is generally thanks to their inherent strength, relatively low cost compared to traditional materials, and wide availability. 

Today people are building homes and modular apartments with containers, as it is believed that they are more eco-friendly compared to established materials such as wood, brick, and cement. 

What Is A Shipping Container Building?

A shipping or construction container building is any dwelling which is made from a shipping container. The end-result structural possibilities can be quite diverse. For instance, walls may be removed to create more spacious interiors and traditional construction methods may be used to add exterior materials and additional rooms. 

Shipping container construction has several advantages. First off, custom shipping containers can be created to exactly fit your needs. Due to their shape and material, storage container buildings can be easily modified to fit many purposes while maintaining their inherent strength and durability. 

Shipping Containers vs Traditional Construction

The best part about cargo container buildings is that they tend to give unwanted containers a whole new life. According to different estimates, there are presently millions of unused shipping containers in the world. It is often cheaper to receive new shipping containers as compared to sending them back to suppliers. This means that some containers would have to be discarded only after one trip. 

Reusing a shipping container structure for construction is a perfect example of upcycling or building with recycled materials. Buildings made with modular containers also encourage a smaller footprint and minimal consumption of other building materials such as masonry and wood. Owners who may be open to the idea of alternate living spaces often incorporate other eco-friendly elements such as wind power, solar panels, water recycling systems, and rainwater harvesting systems. 

Shipping container buildings may cost just as much as traditional construction, although they can be cost-efficient in the long run if utilized efficiently. A large number of variables may impact project costs, including size, design, location, and interior finishes. The best thing about shipping container buildings is that they can be built on land which may be otherwise unsuitable for traditional construction. 

How Shipping Container Buildings Can Be Used

Container construction companies advocate for creating buildings out of shipping containers as they can be utilized for multiple purposes. 

One idea is that they can serve as flexible-use space for public spaces and stadiums. Container building companies modify these shipping containers in-house and then send them out for delivery. Once the module arrives, the local contractors assemble the containers like lego bricks. 

Shipping container buildings can also be used for apartments and residences for multi-family living. Even small, awkward lots in urban locations can be turned viable through shipping container modules. Using these containers, anything can be built ranging from luxury condos to affordable public housing. Some complexes also decide to attach a shipping container restaurant to meet the culinary needs of the residents.

Another major advantage of shipping container buildings is that they can be used for office buildings, headquarters, and modular data centers. Multi-story office buildings are fast to assemble and can even remain mobile with certain modifications. Police and fire-fighting departments are also saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by choosing to build their training facilities with shipping containers. 

Is A Shipping Container Building Right For You?

Container buildings can be an excellent alternative to traditional housing for a number of reasons. For instance, if you are struggling to find affordable flexible housing options, container living may be the best solution. 

Homes and buildings made from shipping containers come with amazing benefits which may not be available through a conventional construction situation. 

They are generally inexpensive and building out a container may be much more affordable than you think. A 20-foot shipping container can be found on sale ranging from $1500 to $3000. Once you have purchased your container, the rest of the cost is determined by the choice of interiors that you purchase. 

Shipping container buildings are also very strong, as they are manufactured to be tough and durable. They are also designed to carry cargo through extreme weather, both on land and at sea. If the container can survive the troubling conditions of the sea, you know it can survive through storms or extreme weather conditions on land.

Moreover, storage container buildings can also provide financial and physical freedom. Shipping containers provide you with the freedom to choose and build your own house, which may not be possible with traditional homes. Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget that they are very eco-friendly. 

With all this in mind, choosing a shipping container building may be one of the best decisions you’ll make!

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