5 Reasons Why Your Next Athletic Field Press Box Should Be a Shipping Container Press Box

Thinking of adding a press box to your stadium, rink or field? A repurposed shipping container is not only eye-catching and unique but great for the environment and your school’s or organization’s bottom line. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider repurposing a shipping container for your next athletic field press box:

1. Strength and Durability

Designed to carry heavy loads, resist harsh environments, and be stacked eight high, shipping containers are in many ways ideal building materials. They can also securely store your team’s valuable equipment such as sports gear and electronics when not in use.

2. Eco-friendly

Custom shipping containers are a smart, eco-friendly choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality or comfort. A 40 ft shipping container weighs almost 8,000 pounds. By repurposing the container you are keeping thousands of pounds of usable steel out of the waste stream as well as reducing (possibly eliminating) your need for traditional building materials (i.e. bricks and cement). Your visitors will appreciate your commitment to the environment and may make small changes themselves, such as striving harder to get their trash into the proper receptacles.

3. Modular Design

As modular units, shipping containers are easily transported by ship, truck, or rail, because they already conform to standard shipping sizes. Their design means that whenever you need more space, you can simply link or stack units together to create larger structures.

4. Expense

Compared to a brick and mortar structure (which also requires a larger and more expensive foundation), shipping containers are much more budget friendly. Shipping container modification also requires less labor, another benefit to your bottom line.

5. Customization

BMarko’s structures are built from the ground up and customized to your exact specifications, resulting in a unique press box. Our structural engineers are able to accommodate almost any potential layout while you can choose from a variety of insulation, framing materials, floors, doors, windows, and walls to create your own high-end interior. Your custom press box can also be fully wired to integrate power, Internet, and A/V connectivity.

Why BMarko?

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, BMarko Structures has created comfortable, attractive, and highly functional modular press boxes for clients across the country. Our complete turnkey services include sourcing the raw materials, creating and certifying the design, installing the completed product on-site, and taking care of any required permitting if necessary. From start to finish, we’ll deliver exceptional customer service and proven expertise, helping you complete your press box build in the most economical and efficient manner possible. To learn more about how BMarko can help you design an excellent modular stadium press box, contact one of our sales representatives today at (678) 666-3688 for more information and a free quote.

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