Smart Small Businesses Think Differently

Small businesses often don’t need a large, traditional space and don’t want to take on the high overhead involved in a big commercial lease. If you have a small staff and are looking to be small in size and scale, a shipping container allows you to be instantly visible in a unique, sustainable, and inexpensive way. You can use a shipping container as the main location for your business or expand your location base and increase your visibility by adding a shipping container to your current business model. The versatility of shipping containers also means you can easily move locations or add on as you expand. Here are a few shipping container ideas for small businesses:

Retail Pop Up Shops

A pop-up shop is a mobile retail store that you can move whenever and wherever you please. You can cater to crowds at concerts and festivals in addition to your brick and mortar retail store or you can use your shipping container to be totally mobile. Use your pop up shop to test new products and concepts or simply as a smaller version of your larger retail space.

Office and Studio Space

Beginning small businesses are often faced with high office and studio rents. A shipping container office can be added near a home or business and can be equipped with everything a small office needs. Artists looking for a space to practice their craft can add a shipping container near their home or create an artist community with other shipping containers. Rather than renting a large office or studio space, a small shipping container may be more suited to your needs.

Restaurants and Cafes

Any restaurant owner knows the high risk involved with opening a restaurant. That is why many smart restauranteurs are forgoing the traditional restaurant model (including expensive overhead) by opening shipping container restaurants and cafes. You can open your restaurant to the public at your designated operating hours, then close up and move locations whenever you want. Store it during your off season and open it back up quickly the next year. Travel to festivals, events, and almost anywhere you wish, all while controlling costs and increasing profits. Whether you want to test the market with your food and concepts or you want to add a new space to your already existing restaurant, a shipping container is a great way to offer your customers something new, all with less initial start up cost than a traditional restaurant.

At BMarko, we’re dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Call us today and let’s discuss how to make your big dream a reality on a small business budget with custom shipping containers.

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