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BMarko Structures offers turnkey prefabricated kitchen pods with all requested appliances and MEP systems pre-installed along with all appropriate kitchen components. Kitchen pods are the smart choice for your next multi-family residential housing, student housing, senior housing, hotel, hospital, or military development.

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What Is a Kitchen Pod?

A kitchen pod is a factory-made kitchen unit that comes pre-installed with mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems, kitchen appliances, and elements. Once it is made in the factory, it is plastic wrapped, placed on a flatbed trailer, and shipped to the final construction site. Once on site, the pod needs to be placed inside its final unit and simply connect the MEP system from the prefab kitchen pod into the main connections from the building.

Prefabricated kitchen pods provide significant advantages when matched up to traditional kitchen construction. A prefab kitchenette pod incorporates roughly 10 trades into one prefabricated end-product. Once installed, you build around the kitchen pod, speeding up your build, and saving valuable resources, and of course money.

What are the Advantages of a Prefab Kitchen?

When using modular kitchen units in place of traditional kitchens, it eradicates the need of on-site organization between several different third-parties. The consolidation of kitchen construction to a single kitchen pod manufacturer, like BMarko Structures, provides a consistent process of estimating, quality control, cost of materials, and efficiency of project management. With traditional kitchen builds that consist of multiple trades and suppliers this is an all but impossible task to complete.

Modular kitchen pods are particularly beneficial for development plans where its kitchens are mostly clones of each as you often see in apartments, hotels, student housing, etc. Just like the production of automobiles, factory production lines result in faster production times, a consistent, quality product all while improving the bottom line.

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Pods?

Ease of Purchase

Developers often build many different buildings. Think about all the time, money, and frustration that can be saved by having a single kitchen pod manufacturer rather than having to hire multiple different trades for each job site. This brings significant worth to clients by simply designing that kitchen once with their manufacturer rather than numerous times with all the different parties involved in the traditional kitchen builds.


It is vital for kitchen pods to be a part of a buildings initial design. This is because the kitchen pods require a frame that helps it be moved and lifted. When this framing is accounted for in initial building plans, it may cause modifications late in the process that are unwanted. Creating and troubleshooting different iterations of the kitchen pod before finalizing for production can reduce preliminary expenditures. If the project is large enough, a prototype kitchen pod could be pre-produced for client review before ordering is finalized.

Shortened Completion Time

While the foundation of the end site is still being laid the kitchen pod manufacturer can already be manufacturing the building’s kitchens. Once the kitchens have arrived on-site, they may be swiftly hooked into the main lines of the building’s infrastructure.


Modular construction naturally creates less waste than traditional construction. Therefore it is more friendly to the environment.

What Are the Applications of Kitchen Pods?

Kitchen pods are frequently utilized in the construction of multi-family apartment buildings, hotels, student housing, and senior housing projects. The grounds for these particular uses are because of their plans using a “copy, paste” style kitchen in each unit. Why hire multiple tradesmen to painstakingly work each unit on-site? The most efficient way to mass-produce the bathrooms is allowing the kitchens to be built at an off-site factory and transported in a podular form onsite for installation. If this process sounds like it’s right for your project, keep reading to find out!

Are Kitchen Pods Right For Your Project?

Repeatable Process

Building plans with a large number of equivalent units like hotels, multi-family housing, student and senior housing are outstanding prospects for prefabricated building components, such as kitchen pods or even bathroom pods.


An important consideration is tailoring the building’s initial design to include kitchen pods. To increase efficiency of installation and easing the connections of the pods to the building’s infrastructure, an important detail to remember is ensuring the design stacks the pre-fabricated components.


The kitchens being designed to a specific size that fits on a standard flat-bed trailer increases transportation cost-efficiency.

How Much Are Kitchen Pods?

While the building process will be extremely similar from project to project, the design, materials, and fixtures are completely custom to your needs. Therefore, there is no “standard” kitchen pod. It’s also important to note that purely by capital costs kitchen pods will cost roughly the same as traditional kitchens. The added benefits kitchen pods bring is where you’ll start to see the savings. When comparing the costs of traditional kitchens to kitchen pods, it’s important to ensure that you receive the true estimate of the full extent of charges for the site-built bathrooms. Below are some substantial points to consider when comparing costs.

Installation Expenses

Ensure the final estimate covers the installation cost of all components when you collect your quote from the traditional builder. Many components have additional steps that cost more than just shipping and materials. By supplying the final installed cost of each line item, the modular manufacturer lets you accurately quote these costs.

Ensure Accuracy of Line Items

Failing to include all kitchen materials when quoting the price of a traditionally built kitchen is a common mistake by potential kitchen pod buyers. Prefabricated kitchen pod manufacturers will supply a thorough list of all components included in a kitchen in their quote. When you get the site-built estimate, make sure you have all the correct materials so that you can compare them line by line.

Not Seeing What You’re Looking For?

Prefab kitchen pods are completely custom-built, and nearly all of the design features are up to you. If you’d like to add or modify something that you don’t see here, chances are, we can probably do it.

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Purchase Kitchen Pods From BMarko Structures

It’s easy to see why kitchen pods are becoming more mainstream in today’s construction industry. They offer a consistent product of high-quality with faster ROIs and shorter financing terms. BMarko Structures’ in-house design team may be able to take your current building plans and convert them into a solution that involves modular kitchen pods. We will supply the bathroom pod quote so you can include the expense to the other site-related expenditures. You can then compute how BMarko Structures’ modular process could influence your bottom line.

If this is the first time you’ve looked into kitchen pods as a solution for your builds, you probably have lots of questions! Give the BMarko Structures expert team a call or contact us today and our team will do our best to answer them for you!

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“Thanks for another successful project. Once again, great quality and on time delivery.”

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