Modular Diners

It’s no secret that modular diners are a quickly growing trend. From portable street food stands to sit down eateries, custom modular construction is a great choice for all types of diners. In fact, an early form of modular construction inspired the United States’ very first diner: Providence, RI’s Haven Brothers. It continues to operate out of a mobile unit to this day.

With the expense of investing in cooking equipment and hiring staff, many restaurant owners are forced to skimp on décor to make ends meet. A modular diner cuts your real estate costs considerably, giving you a stylish structure you can own outright for less than the cost of renting.


using a modified container is great for modular diners

Shipping Container Diners

BMarko Structures, an Atlanta, GA-based modular design and construction firm, has proven to be an innovator in modular diner construction. We provide clients nationwide with custom modular structures that are both aesthetically stunning and exceptionally efficient. Many of our products are built from custom shipping containers, which not only keep costs down, but give your building a unique look to draw in customers.

If you’re in the market for a cost-effective alternative to a conventionally built structure for your diner, let’s take a look at how modular diners function. You’ll learn how investing in a modular diner from BMarko Structures would benefit your business:

How It Works

Shipping containers come in a variety of different sizes, though the most common are either 20’ or 40’ long by 8’ wide. Individual units can be combined for extra floor space, or stacked on top of one another to create a second story. Plumbing and electrical connections are added beforehand, making it fast and easy to get up and running once your building is installed.

Working from your specifications, we can also add windows, doors, insulation, appliances and more. Modular construction offers the same interior design flexibilities as its conventional construction counterpart. Unlike other modular architecture designers, we build each unit to order, giving you much-needed flexibility when it comes to designing your perfect space. If you prefer tile instead of hardwood, paneling rather than drywall, or double-hung windows suit your fancy more than their fixed cousins, we can make it happen. With BMarko Structures, you can awaken your inner architect to design a diner that matches the artistic vision of your shipping container restaurants.

Benefits of Modular Diners

There are many reasons why prefab construction makes an excellent choice for your business. Modular diners are:


By transforming custom shipping containers into the outer shell of your modular diner and by using ready made components that require less labor to install, modular construction can save you considerable amounts of money when compared to alternatives such as renting, retrofitting an existing property, or building a new diner from scratch. You’ll speed up your construction process, freeing up time to work on hiring staff, opening your restaurant sooner, and building your brand.

modular diners reduce your impact on the environment


Not only does our modular construction method reduce your reliance on new materials, but it also gives you the chance to build an eco-friendly operation from the ground up. Our engineers can add high-efficiency appliances and insulation, solar water heaters and more. These features save you money on your monthly utility bills. In addition, you’ll keep perfectly good steel out of the waste stream, in turn encouraging other businesses and individuals to engage in the reuse and re-purposing of salvaged building materials.

A unique selling point

There’s no denying the restaurant business is competitive — anything you can do to stand out is a major advantage. Sometimes, it’s not enough to provide exceptionally prepared food at a compelling price point. Many discerning diners are seeking an experience that engages more than their taste buds. Our customers have found that the modern, industrial look of a converted shipping container is something that draws a young and trendy crowd in search of exciting dining experiences. Invest in a modular diner, and you’ll make a statement to your customers that you support eco-friendly practices and are committing to a greener, more environmentally healthy world. Inside and out, a modular diner can be as clean and comfortable as any other restaurant, while providing your customers with an experience they aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

Are you curious to learn more about the building process?  Or the many possibilities that modular construction offers restaurateurs? Contact our head office to discuss the many ways our expertise can guide you through the build process.

We’re happy to provide you with a free quote that outlines all costs involved and creates a timeline for getting your project completed. Call BMarko at (678)-666-3688 to get started right away!


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