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Custom Shipping Container Building Solutions

Custom shipping containers make an affordable and eco-friendly base for a modular building unit. At BMarko Structures, we convert used shipping containers into functional and attractive commercial buildings. We believe modular buildings don’t have to be boring — for innovative custom designs that expand the possibility of what modular means, make BMarko your partner for your next build!

custom shipping containers

Size and Layout

Custom shipping containers come in several standard sizes, and the most common are 20′ or 40′ long, 8’6″ or 9’6″ high and 8′ wide. Though shipping containers are the basic building blocks of our modular structures, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these sizes. Individual containers can be modified, walls can be removed, and units can be placed together. This leads to multiple potential layouts and configurations. Because shipping containers are capable of withstanding up to 213,000 lbs. of weight, it’s even possible to design a multi-story unit.

One of the best things about a custom shipping container building is that it can be added to or altered as your needs change. When it’s time to grow your business, our modular designs make finding additional office space easy and inexpensive.


custom shipping container solutions

Custom Design Options

A wide range of design options adds to the versatility of a BMarko custom shipping container building. Consider the following:

Flooring — New shipping containers are delivered with their original plywood floor intact. Some customers choose to leave this as-is, although it’s more common to have it finished or even replaced with a durable modern laminate.

Walls — In most climates, the steel walls of a shipping container don’t provide enough protection from the elements. Walls can be finished in drywall or wood paneling, with spray foam or fiberglass insulation available to minimize heat loss during the winter.

Windows — Shipping container buildings can support several different window types, including double hung, sliding and fixed designs, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For extra energy efficiency, double pane glass can be installed.

Doors — Wooden doors are rarely used in custom shipping container buildings as they can detract from the unit’s structural integrity. Metal doors are the most economical option, though sliding glass storefront doors make an attractive and welcoming alternative that lets more light inside.

HVAC — To keep your staff comfortable all year round, modular units can be equipped with either through the wall or ductless HVAC appliances. Solar installations and other green technology are also viable options.

Contact BMarko to Discuss Your Container Build

BMarko specializes in providing custom container building solutions to commercial clients. Whether you’re looking to build a functional office or storage space, a hip restaurant or a rooftop bar, we can help you assess your needs and come up with the perfect design. Throughout the process, you can rely on our experts to provide assistance with everything from sourcing the best possible containers to securing the necessary permits.

Getting started with a BMarko modular build is easy. Download our free white paper for more information about the process, or contact our Atlanta, Georgia office to speak with an engineer directly.