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Modular Rooftop Bars

stacked shipping container barA rooftop bar is a wonderful place to enjoy a drink in the evening air — it’s also a great addition to any restaurant or café looking to expand on a budget. BMarko specializes in modular building construction that combines authentic industrial style with the practical functionality required to run a business efficiently. If you’re considering expanding your restaurant with a rooftop bar, modular construction is the way to go. Keep reading to learn more, or contact our Atlanta, GA office directly for more information.

BMarko Structures is committed to providing the most innovative solutions to your rooftop addition needs. Quality and efficiency work hand-in-hand during each step of our process. We can design and install rooftop bar additions that help you support and promote growth without the expense of purchasing additional real estate.

Keep your utility costs down while ensuring that your staff and patrons stay comfortable and satisfied in an entirely unique space.

Benefits of Rooftop Bars

benefits with modular construction

Modular rooftop restaurant bars aren’t just good for the environment. When you grow your business by working with BMarko, you’ll also benefit from:


Even the most expensive shipping container will be cheaper than traditional construction. In addition to lower materials costs, shipping containers also require less labor to install at your location, saving you even more.

Build time

Likewise, fewer labor requirements also mean it takes less time to install your rooftop bar addition. At BMarko, we work quickly to get your modular unit ready for installation so you can be up and running sooner.


Modular rooftop bars have their own unique look that’s perfect for any restaurant with a younger clientele. That being said, BMarko buildings can be built to appeal to any demographic with upscale interior furnishings and broad windows that provide a great rooftop view.

modified container into diner

Building a Rooftop Bar

What sets BMarko apart from other modular builders is that we can customize any design to suit your needs. We employ a team of in-house structural engineers who can modify to any shape or size, or solve any other design challenges.

The first step in the process is to meet with a team member and discuss your requirements. We’ll put together a comprehensive package containing a detailed estimate and timeline. When you’re ready to begin, we’ll work quickly to assemble the individual modular components and deliver them to your site. Then, we’ll oversee the work crew to ensure everything gets installed properly. Once completed, we’ll even arrange for any necessary municipal inspections to be performed.

It’s this commitment to complete turnkey service that makes BMarko the ideal rooftop bar construction company in Atlanta and beyond. To learn more about the build process, download our free whitepaper or speak with a sales representative today at (678) 666-3688!