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Modular Office Spaces

Modular & Trendy Offices Spaces

Build on a budget with a modular office space from BMarko Structures! When you need to quickly expand your employees’ working area, modular construction is the easiest and most affordable way to do so. Best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice style or creature comforts — our build process gives you the freedom to design the space you need, without giving up all the benefits of going modular.

Modular office spaces can be built on your existing property as a separate outbuilding, an extension of your current facilities or even a rooftop structure on top of your current building. There are also a variety of options for mobile office rentals for temporary office space needs. Find out just how easy it is by speaking with a BMarko Structures representative today!

Building Modular Office Spaces

Many of our modular office building components are built from used shipping containers that have been restored and repurposed to serve as a functional building shell. Aside from the environmental benefits of using recycled materials, shipping container offices are economical and present a wide range of design possibilities. Capable of withstanding a static weight of up to 213,000 lbs., they can be stacked on top of one another or placed side by side for additional space. Best of all, thanks to their modular design, expanding is easy if you ever need to grow your business even further.

Modular Construction Is the Fastest Way to Build a New Office

When you need to get up and running in a new space quickly, there’s no better partner than BMarko. Our modular office buildings have one of the fastest turnaround times in the business. Each component is delivered to the job site with most of the important work — such as installing the walls, flooring, plumbing and electrical connections — already completed. This reduces the amount of time it takes to get up and running, and it keeps the cost of labor during installation low.

Once the job is done, you’ll end up with an attractive, highly functional space that’s been designed from the ground up to provides years of reliable use.

Building Sizes and Design Options


Shipping containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths. Most are 8’ wide and either 8’6” (standard) or 9’6” (high cube) tall. However, these standard dimensions don’t restrict the design possibilities of a modular office building. BMarko offers both single and multiple units. Units can be placed together or stacked beside one another for additional floor space. Layout configurations are limitless, and many individual components can be customized to suit your purposes:

Walls and flooring

Container walls can be finished with wood or metal studs. On top of that, drywall or other paneling can be installed. For additional interior space, insulation can be placed below or on the outside of the container. Most containers will have a plywood flooring that can be finished or replaced with a cost-effective laminate.

Windows and doors

Modular offices can be customized with several types of windows to create a bright, airy space your staff will enjoy. Shipping containers can support single or double pane glass, as well as metal or glass doors of varying sizes.

Heating and air conditioning

BMarko can equip your modular office with a high efficiency through the wall unit or ductless HVAC system that provides year-round comfort in any weather. Modular office spaces are also great candidates for solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Why BMarko?

BMarko isn’t the only company that offers modular office spaces, but we do pride ourselves on delivering the best combination of value and innovation for your money. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we can ship completed modular components to job sites around the country and provide local support for obtaining the permits necessary to build in your municipality.

We have the expertise and design flexibility to create custom spaces that go beyond what most people envision when they think of modular construction. Find out more about our shipping container conversions by contacting our office and speaking with an engineer today.


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