If you’re interested in forward-thinking technologies or sprucing up your home or business with the latest advances architecture has to offer, you should consider investing in modular architecture.

BMarko Structures is an Atlanta, Georgia-based manufacturer specializing in custom-built modular construction units. We’ve satisfied clients across the United States with our solidly-crafted, aesthetically stunning modular units. We provide a unique experience that allows our customers to awaken their inner architects and design the buildings of their dreams.

Let’s examine a few different applications of modular construction and consider how selecting a modular unit would benefit your business or home.

What Is Modular Architecture?

Modular architecture uses prefabricated components to greatly speed up the build process, lower construction costs and reduce environmental impact.

Increasingly more people are realizing the benefits of modular construction, and it has been increasing in popularity for both residential and commercial projects. Modular units represent an innovative solution to developing working and living spaces that creatively re-use existing building materials. Today’s modular buildings present an expanded range of design possibilities, making them a preferred alternative to stick-built construction in virtually every application.

Ideal for Commercial Projects

Choosing to house your business in a modular unit saves you money on material and labor costs. Because it’s so affordable, modular architecture is an excellent choice for commercial projects. Whether you require an office space, attractive shipping container restaurantsunique modular diner, or even sports equipment storage space, modular construction saves you money without sacrificing functionality. Because your build time is significantly decreased, you can begin to see a return on your investment faster. You’ll free up your time to concentrate on running your business smoothly.

Perfect for Residential Purposes

Did you know that modular units are becoming a hot new trend in residential architecture? With the rise in popularity of “tiny homes”, many people are enjoying the benefits of living in smaller spaces. A modular unit provides the perfect framework in which to create this environment.

Need a little more space for your growing family? No problem — we can easily customize modular units to suit your increased square footage needs. We can help you decide what type of modular unit layout would best suit your lifestyle and can custom-manufacture a modular home to your exact specifications.

Modular Solutions for Building Green

These days, we’re all concerned about how our actions affect the world around us. Modular architecture utilizes advanced construction techniques to reduce environmental impact every step of the way. Our custom-built modular buildings can be equipped with high-efficiency windows, insulation and HVAC systems, solar installations and other green technologies. . Compared to an older office structure that requires expensive retrofitting to run efficiently, you’ll save considerably on your company’s monthly utility bills with prefabricated architecture. In fact, merely selecting a modular unit for your business or home is an eco-friendly choice. It keeps perfectly usable steel out of landfills, reduces the demand for the manufacture of toxic building materials present in new construction, and encourages the creative re-use and re-purpose of building materials.

For commercial properties, these green credentials are an important selling point to many consumers. Your clients will applaud your decision to invest in green building technologies and innovative design choices. Your selection of a modular unit will also keep your overhead costs low, putting you in an optimal position to meet future regulatory challenges.

Shipping Container Buildings

Durable, affordable and spacious, used shipping containers make an excellent base for any modular construction project. Shipping container offices don’t lack creature comforts, and can include modern windows, flooring, appliances and other amenities, just like conventionally built structures. Standing inside, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Not only are they highly customizable, but also you can select from different shipping container sizes and conditions to meet your project needs.

Custom shipping containers can also be used as a hybrid between storage and office space or as a rooftop extension to an existing property. Best of all, since they are reused, they add to the environmental benefits of going modular.

America’s Modular Experts

A leading supplier of modular architecture solutions, BMarko is available to assist you with all steps of the design and build process. Whether you’re considering modular architecture for your stadium press box or concession standmodular church space, modular classrooms or even custom rooftop additions, we can design the perfect solution for you. We’ll quickly turn around complex projects, delivering your custom-designed modular units to your property and overseeing their installation.

To learn more about prefabricated architecture or about what’s involved in the build process, contact our Atlanta, Georgia office today.