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Modular Church Buildings

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Modular Church Buildings, Classrooms & Offices

Modular construction makes an excellent choice for church buildings, when ensuring comfort and functionality on a budget is an important concern. Too often, prefabricated components are associated with poor quality or simple, bland design. The truth is that today’s modular church buildings are attractive, welcoming places to worship that can be configured to the specific needs of your congregation.

When you’re ready to build, BMarko Structures can help. Our structural engineers are designing modular church buildings in Georgia and beyond. Contact our office in Atlanta to discuss our modular solutions and begin developing a plan today.

Shipping Container Modification — How It Works

We’ll help you source and choose a unit that’s in good condition and offers the best value for your budget. Using that as a shell, a façade can be added over the exterior in case a more conventional church building is desired. We can add both creature comforts and structural improvements — including insulation, windows, hardwood floors, heating and air conditioning, and more.

Modular units can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side to create larger spaces your entire congregation will enjoy. BMarko’s advanced modular engineering and architecture capabilities mean we can customize any modular design to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of Modular Church Construction

Churches and worship groups of all faiths can benefit from using modular construction when building or adding to their property. Some of the specific benefits of a modular church include:

Cost savings

By far the biggest advantage of modular construction is its cost-effectiveness. On a per-square-foot basis, modular churches cost far less than traditional buildings. Our products are built to last for the long haul and, because the modular building process is scalable, it’s easy and affordable to expand your facilities as your congregation grows and your needs change.

Time savings

When you need to get up and running quickly, modular is the way to go. Unlike other construction methods, modular components are delivered to the build site almost completely assembled, considerably reducing your time to occupancy. After consulting with you during the design phase, BMarko will quickly turn around your order and deliver it to your location.


Environmental friendliness

Modular construction gives a second life to an old shipping container, saving it from the scrapyard and reducing your reliance on new materials. The modular construction process also allows you to incorporate green technologies, such as solar power and energy-efficient insulation that would otherwise require an expensive retrofitting of an existing building.

Unique design

Strong Modular churches may not follow conventional design cues, but that only means your facility will stand out from the crowd. The industrial exterior of an old shipping container creates a unique contrast to a well-appointed inside. If you’re struggling to attract younger people to your congregation, the fresh, urban look of a modular church building can help you do just that!

Contact BMarko for Your Free Quote

The first step to building your new church facility involves contacting BMarko to discuss your design needs in detail. We’ll review your budget and your technical requirements, and begin putting together a detailed quote for your build. Once you’ve approved the final design, we’ll begin assembling the individual modular components.

As a church, many municipalities will have specific administrative requirements that must be met before your construction can be approved. For this reason, you’ll want to partner with an experienced team that knows what they’re doing. BMarko will provide assistance with any zoning or permit issues that arise. Our modular building expertise makes it easy to navigate municipal building codes and file the necessary paperwork. We are the shipping container customization experts.

Download our white paper or contact our office and take the first steps to a new facility your entire congregation can enjoy!