Modular Jail Systems

When constructing modular correctional facilities for an existing prison or jail,  you have to be creative on how to safely and securely construct your new expansions. Modular correctional buildings and modular jails are a smart solution to fulfill your permanent or temporary space expansion needs.


Quality Modular Jails

BMarko takes pride in our work being done right the first time.

Minimal On-Site Construction

When jails go under construction the less time on-site means faster construction and less disruption at your facility.

Fast Lead Times

Receive your module when you need it. We have the resources to handle quick turnaround projects.

On-Time Guarantee

We understand how important it is for you to meet deadlines. BMarko has never missed a project deadline.

Efficient Jail Solutions

Modular Jail Systems

In certain locations, such as a prison, a long cycle construction process is undesirable. You need to construct durable jail cells that can withstand daily, long-term use at a correctional facility, but time constraints and budgetary concerns are a challenge. Modular jail systems may be the solution.

How Does Modular Construction Work?

When you choose modular construction, you move the entire construction process away from the site of your facility. The manufacturer constructs the self-contained jail system off site and brings the finished product to your facility. The standardization of jail cells makes modular construction the ideal method for building correctional facilities.

Applications of Modular Jail Systems

The modular construction process can be customized for all types of correctional facilities. If you manage any of the following institutions, modular jail systems may be the right choice:

  • State and federal prisons
  • Probation facilities
  • County jails
  • Juvenile detention centers
  • Inmate housing units
  • Transitional housing

BMarko Structures can create floor plans to accommodate all of these institutions and more.

Applications of Modular Jail Systems

Prefabricated jail cells can have significant benefits for your facility. The modular construction process takes place off site, so it requires fewer workers and is more cost-effective. The streamlined process of modular construction makes it an ideal solution for jail systems, where timelines can be aggressive.

At BMarko Structures, modular jail systems can be built to your specifications. We can provide the standard cell size or build cells in custom sizes with amenities to fit the needs of your facility. The end result of modular fabrication is a portable prison cell that is self-contained and easy to relocate if the needs of your facility change over time. When you partner with BMarko Structures, you can count on us to provide additions to your modular jail systems if needed in the future.

Prefab Jail Cells Made With Heavy-Duty Steel

We construct jail cells using heavy-duty steel designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a prison facility. The durable steel fabrication creates jail cells that are strong enough to support the weight of cells above, which allows you to stack the cells as needed at your facility. With this functionality, you can maximize your use of space and increase the lifespan of the structure.

Get Modular Jail Systems With BMarko Structures

If you’re ready to begin the process of building your new jail system, the first step is to call BMarko Structures. We’ll review your design specifications, budget and technical requirements in detail and provide a free quote.

Our modules are constructed in the U.S. and leave our Atlanta, GA factory ready for use at facilities all over the country. At BMarko Structures, we’ve shipped 99% of our projects on time. Take advantage of the more predictable costs and turnaround times of modular construction for your correctional facility.

Call BMarko Structures or request a free quote online for your custom modular jail system.

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