Rooftop Additions

Is a lack of space preventing you from adding an extra office building, storage area or other structure to your property? You may not realize that modular construction makes it easy to add a rooftop addition to nearly any commercial facility. The engineers at BMarko Structures have the ability to meet the building challenges of any business. We can design and install modular rooftop additions that help you support and promote growth without the expense of purchasing additional real estate.

Purposes for modular rooftop additions:

Office space

Bringing new staff on board is a positive sign for any business. When growth necessitates additional office space, a modular rooftop addition is one of the most economical ways of doing so. Office spaces can be outfitted with large windows, so your team can enjoy natural light and an excellent view.


Modular storage space can be as simple or as complex as you require it to be. If you’re simply looking to free up room in your main facility, we can design a secure, weatherproof space on any budget. If you have advanced storage requirements, we can add shelving, climate control systems, insulation and more.


Any school that needs to accommodate a growing student population can benefit from adding an additional rooftop classroom. BMarko modular custom shipping containers are comfortable places to study and learn, and they can be equipped with a wide range of AV and Internet connectivity options.


Modular construction restaurants boast a unique industrial look that contrasts with their well-appointed interior. They make an excellent addition to any commercial facility, and they can be used to grow your business by converting a rooftop patio into an all-weather service area.

Bar Additions

Economical and innovative, rooftop bar additions provide a unique look that’s perfect for any restaurant.

The Modular Rooftop Addition Process: What’s Involved

No matter the intended purpose of your modular rooftop addition, the process always begins with a thorough consultation with our team of designers and engineers. We’ll review your project’s requirements and put together a free quote outlining the estimated cost and timeline. BMarko modular components are made from shipping containers — using this as our base, we can then customize the design as you require, combining multiple units together for extra floor space or stacking them on top of one another.

Some of the benefits of working with shipping containers include their low cost and faster construction times. They also offer greater flexibility. As opposed to conventional modular construction where every unit must be built to the same dimensions to reduce costs, each shipping container design can be customized to your specific size and layout. They also possess an urban style that’s great for restaurants, food stands, and other establishments that would otherwise have trouble standing out from the competition.


Begin Your Build Today

Browse our list of resources to start planning your modular rooftop addition. For inspiration view images of past shipping container projects, or contact our office to schedule an in-person appointment at our Atlanta, Georgia office.