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Awake your Inner Architect

Modular Rooftop Offices

BMarko Structures specializes in helping businesses find creative solutions to overcome limited space challenges. Employing a modular construction process, we can add extra office space on your building’s roof — a vertical solution that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or connectivity.

How It Works

While traditional modular construction uses mass-produced building components of the same size and layout, BMarko employs an affordable, readily available shell — recycled shipping containers — that can be configured to meet any design requirements. As a result, we don’t have to offer standard rooftop office designs. Instead, each of our builds is customized from the ground up, offering superior flexibility on a budget.

Start the process today by contacting a BMarko team member directly. We’ll meet with you to discuss your project’s requirements and put together a free quote outlining all costs involved, as well as an estimated time to completion. From our Atlanta, Georgia head office, we oversee all aspects of the build process, from assembling the individual components to installing them on-site. We can even arrange with your municipality for any final inspections required to maintain compliance with local building codes.

Keep Your Staff Comfortable All Year Round

It may be difficult to imagine how a shipping container can be converted into a comfortable, modern office space. Browse our online portfolio to view examples of some of the builds we have completed in the past. Modular rooftop offices can be fully insulated and outfitted with high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. Integrated plumbing, power and Internet also mean your staff will have all the conveniences they would in a conventional building. Best of all, optional windows let in natural light and allow your team to enjoy great rooftop views.

  1. The BMarko Difference

Aside from our unsurpassed design flexibility, what else makes BMarko the ideal partner for your next modular project?

To find out more about what BMarko can do for you, or to request a free quote for a rooftop office building addition to your facility, contact us today at (678) 666-3688! You can also download our free whitepaper, which shares the many options for customizing your design.