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Awake your Inner Architect

Single or Multiple Container Buildings

Whether you’re building an office, restaurant or other commercial facility, one of the key benefits of modifying shipping containers is that individual units can stand on their own or be stacked together to create additional space. At BMarko Structures, we specialize in creative, functional and affordable modular buildings made from recycled shipping containers. While a single unit container office is a great way to quickly expand your existing facilities, the possibilities of multiple container buildings are almost limitless.

Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping containers make an ideal shell for a modular building unit. They are affordable and easy to customize, and turning them into usable facilities means they don’t end up in a landfill. Shipping containers come in several standard sizes, though most modular components are made from units 20′ or 40′ long. To maximize interior space, single container office buildings can have their insulation outside; ask us how!

Multi container office buildings can be made by stacking units on top of each other or placing them side by side. They also make an excellent extension to an existing building utilizing the rooftop of your current facility. Shipping containers are capable of withstanding up to 213,000 lbs. of static weight, which creates multiple engineering possibilities for multi-story buildings.

Office Space That Grows With Your Business

Many of our customers start by installing a single shipping container building only to add more as their business grows. With modular construction, it’s easy to accommodate these changes. Designed for years of use, our buildings are a great investment in the future of your company.

Design Options

Too often, people think of modular buildings as purely functional spaces that are affordable and convenient, but lacking in comfort. At BMarko, our buildings are different. We have the flexibility and design expertise to create single or multiple container buildings to your exact specifications, adding doors, windows, flooring and other options to create a space that’s enjoyable to work in.

We have previously designed restaurants, churches, office spaces and more. To learn more about your options, download our free white paper.