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Mobile Offices

Mobile & Portable Offices – Design & Construction

Do you need office space but lack the time or the budget needed to build it? Consider one of our mobile office trailers! We pride ourselves on the high-quality materials we use and the innovative designs we create based on the needs of your business. We go the extra mile to ensure your new space is fully functional and worth every dime you invest.

Typical Uses of Mobile Office Trailers

It’s difficult to find mobile office trailers for rent that represent your business in the best light. Flimsy metal walls, excess noise and a lack of indoor plumbing are common problems that make a temporary office space less than desirable. BMarko Structures is making a change by creating a new standard for construction based entirely on the features you need most.

Shipping Container Offices

We offer customizable mobile office rentals throughout Georgia and beyond – our mobile offices can be shipped to anywhere in the country. You tell us the tasks you’ll be performing from day to day, and we’ll help you create a space that allows you to complete these tasks as efficiently as possible. Mobile offices are perfect for:

Construction office trailers for job sites

Special events trailers

Relocatable office space

Office storage

Our units are especially versatile because of our full list of features. We can provide:

Extra offices for temporary workers during your busy season

Temporary office space during an expansion

Offices located at remote job sites

Affordable additional office space tailored to your workload

We specialize in fast, affordable and comfortable solutions for businesses that need more space. We’ll handle the design, the permits and the delivery of your mobile office trailers. The factory assembly of our units also means the construction process takes about half the time of a brick-and-mortar build, while decreasing both initial and ongoing costs.

Why Work With BMarko Structures?

When it came to mobile office trailers in the past, rental wasn’t an option if you needed special features. You either suffered through without indoor plumbing and HVAC services, or you paid a premium to purchase units that included everything you would need. Today, BMarko Structures removes those limitations. Our units can be customized to include bathrooms, computer labs, meeting rooms, multiple private offices and basic storage space. However, these personal touches aren’t the only benefits we offer.

We’re also making a name for ourselves in the industry by relying on superior construction methods and materials. We deliver a higher-quality product regardless of your office design. No matter your reason for renting mobile offices, you’ll notice the difference right away.

To make sure you get the best product possible, we construct our temporary office spaces using the following techniques:

Continuous welding vs. spot welding

Ducted HVAC systems vs. sole reliance on in-wall units

Your next mobile office rental can even include running water, a cooking station and well-running central AC. You don’t need to give up the comforts you appreciate in order to expand your office space quickly and affordably.

Contact BMarko Structures to Order Your Office Solutions

From start to finish, our ordering process is focused on saving you time and keeping costs low, without skimping on the essentials. Simply contact our team or call (678)-666-3688 to get started with the process today!